The Truth Behind Lauren Conrad's Infamous Tear

by Ashani Jodha

The pop culture phenomenon that was The Hills included a lot for fans to fondly look back from, from the show's amusing characters to its too-good-to-be-true dramatic antics — and one that should never be overlooked is Lauren Conrad's infamous single black mascara tear will forever remain etched in our hearts and memories until the end of time. But, was it really mascara? Opening up to MTV News to promote her newest tell-all special, The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now, Conrad revealed the truth behind the famous tears.

Even now, long after the MTV reality show was at its prime, the moment is a thing of legend: After moving into a brand-new apartment in Los Angeles, Lauren discovers the tension between her and BFF Audrina Patridge is mounting — especially when Audrina accuses Lauren of hooking up with her boyfriend, Justin Bobby. (Of course, though, Girl Code Leader Lauren Conrad who would never do such a thing. Did Audrina even know her at all?!) In the final scene of the 23-minute episode, while speaking to Audrina, Lauren sheds a single tear, which is tinged black from what seems to be mascara. Of course, the Internet immediately fell in love with the ready-made meme — but, I'm sure none of us ever considered it might not be mascara at all causing the runny make-up.

This might be the case, though. According to Conrad, "I don't think it was the mascara. I think it was the eyeliner that was running. I still wear the same mascara, and it doesn't run like that."

Say whaaaaattt?! Though Conrad has claimed before that show producers used editing techniques to make the tear more effective, we've never heard that it might not be mascara. Back in 2013, for instance, Conrad claimed in a Cosmopolitan article, "You know that they slowed it down in the show, right? I asked my producer and he told me they put it in slow motion to give it a more dramatic effect. That day it was filmed I was really sad — and I wasn't wearing waterproof mascara. Whoops."

And there you have it. More addictive Hills facts after 10 years.

Images: MTV; Giphy