What Is Sophie Turner’s Natural Hair Color? It's Not What You Might Think

You may have come to know and love this actress as a redhead, but your entire outlook on her and her hair color is about to change. Because she just went and dyed her hair white blonde, and she couldn’t look better. What is Sophie Turner’s natural hair color, though? The answer might surprise you.

You’ve seen her as Sansa Stark in GoT and on virtually every red carpet rocking a fiery red color. However, Turner told Marie Claire she is naturally blonde, but dyes her hair more of an auburn color for the show. So, her latest dye job is more a return to her roots rather than trying something new. But, she admits to the publication, “I like the auburn.” Honestly, who could blame her?

She can easily pull off being a blonde or a redhead, and her latest dye job should only prove it to you. It’s been awhile since she’s rocked a color this light, considering she was reportedly 13 or 14 when she started the show. Nonetheless, I have a feeling this is something we could all totally get used to. Because whether her hair is red, blonde, brown, whatever — this girl can do no wrong.

Why, hello there, lighter locks. We're used to seeing Turner with that long, vibrant red hair (and she certainly is stunning as a redhead) but once Game Of Thrones is over, we could see a lot more of her natural blonde.

But, she hasn't always been so fiery. Her hair was much lighter back in the day, as evidenced by the throwbacks she occasionally posts on her personal Instagram.

Since Game Of Thrones was Turner's first major role, photos of her before she became synonymous with Sansa Stark are hard to come by. It's not totally clear whether she went red for the show or already had the copper shade when she went in to audition. But clearly, it worked well for the oldest Stark daughter.

While this new, lighter 'do is likely to vanish after filming starts again for Sansa Stark, it really is a perfect look for the summer. Honestly though, she looks pretty incredible either way.