Sophie Turner Goes Platinum Blonde & Leaves Behind Her Signature Look — PHOTO

With the end of summer comes major hair transformations, and this star just joined in on the fun. You might be used to seeing this actress with red hair, but Sophie Turner dyed her hair platinum blonde. The color might be a drastic change from her normal 'do, but it looks absolutely gorgeous on the star.

It's always shocking when stars make major hair transformations. But this one looks so good that I almost completely forget about her fiery signature color. Whether it's for a new role or just to switch things up, Turner is the latest A-lister to join the platinum blonde club. She showed her new locks off on Instagram, with the caption "I did a thing..." Although you can't see her entire face, you can tell that her hair looks fabulous.

While her red hair looked equally as great on the Game of Thrones star, her eyes look brighter than ever with the lighter shade hair. It's not clear if she also got some length taken off, but in her photo it does look like it could be a bit shorter. I can't wait to see her entire face and figure out exactly what her new 'do looks like. It's very possible that this could become her new signature.

Just look at how blue her eyes are! You don't even have to see the entire style to know that she's going to completely rock it. This shouldn't come as a complete shock for everyone though. She was seen with lighter, almost blonde hair at Comic Con.

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As good at Turner looks with red hair, blonde is actually her natural color. She's a natural blonde, and has mentioned to publications that she'll always to go back to her hair roots.

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Honestly, she could rock any hair color and still look great. I can't wait to see how she styles the platinum blonde though!