Normcore Is So Last Week, Here Are 10 New Trends

by Mallory Schlossberg

Surely you've heard about normcore by now. No? Why, it's only what the coolest of the cool are wearing, because it looks like just the opposite. According New York magazine, normcore stems from hipsters who are currently dressing more and more like they are the tourists in their own city. That means plain mom jeans, turtlenecks, and — we presume — socks with sandals. It's pretty much the epitome of self-aware fashion. As New York mag explains, the phrase can be used thusly:

...not to describe a particular look but a general attitude: embracing sameness deliberately as a new way of being cool, rather than striving for “difference” or “authenticity.” In fashion, though, this manifests itself in ardently ordinary clothes. Mall clothes. Blank clothes. The kind of dad-brand non-style you might have once associated with Jerry Seinfeld, but transposed on a Cooper Union student with William Gibson glasses.

Obama has been pioneering this look for years with his vacation ready-to-wear ensembles.

In the wake of normcore, here are some other [FILL IN THE BLANK]-core trends we predict for FALL 2014.


In order to execute Post-Breakupcore successfully, be sure to shower sparingly. Wear those sweats with the holes in the crotch and that shirt you were wearing when you and the ex first said "I Love You." This style is best worn while analyzing every angle against the backdrop of your friend's dwindling patience.


Rock this look by putting on your stained period underwear (you know the ones), jeans you don't feel sexy in, and an oversized high school spirit t-shirt with no bra.


THIS IS RETRO. Throw on some Mavi jeans (bonus points for no back pockets) and a too-tight v-neck (because you're getting boobs now). Extra cool points for crying in a public bathroom.


Not to be confused with grunge, this look is achieved by wearing straight-up garbage. Très chic.


Similar to Post-Break-Upcore, except wear your fancy sweatpants. Bonus points for commenting on how you would totally have Olivia Pope's wardrobe if you were that rich.


We know you've been rocking this elastic waistband/hooded sweatshirt classic for a good decade now. Accessorize with vintage menstrual patches.


It's all about the pajamas. Accessorize with a red, peeling nose, Halls drops stuck in your hair, and a dwindling will to live.


For the woman on the go who wants to look like she's having it all — and enjoying none of it.

To achieve this look, sport a wrinkled, untucked blouse with a prominent coffee stain. Your go-to accessories are a Blackberry with no charge and crushing student loan debt.


Wear prom dresses everywhere, all of the time.

Because you are a princess.


All of your fears, sweaters, and loneliness combine to create this chic look. Carry your millions of cats with you wherever you go, accompanied by a faint urine fragrance and a stereotype that you will die alone.