What Mascara Does Kylie Jenner Use? Here's Her Go-To Product — PHOTO

Kylie Jenner has been having a good week, everyone. From restocking her already ultra-successful summer lip kits to launching her latest release for Kylie Cosmetics, the KyShadow Bronze Palette. However, the makeup mogul isn't leaving it there. Kylie Jenner's favorite mascara was announced on her app, and it's a totally upscale, classic. Of course, Jenner probably has more than one mascara that she's a fan of, but her current obsession is definitely a great pick and one that makeup lovers will recognize.

Jenner's makeup looks and love of cosmetics has basically made her the member of the Kardashian and Jenner clan with the most clout when it comes to product recommendations. From showcasing her daily makeup routine on her app to creating her own damn cosmetics line, the youngest Jenner is practically a makeup maven, and she's got a real passion for it to boot. That's probably what makes everyone listen when she recommends a product. On Friday, Jenner took to her website to announce her favorite mascara, and the winner? Lancome's Hypnose.

Kylie Jenner's favorite mascara is known for its volumizing properties and its nonclumping formula. While product may be a bit of a splurge for makeup lovers, it's a Kylie Jenner recommendation, so it's got to be worth it, right?

Lancome Hynose Drama Mascara , $28, S ephora

Of the mascara, Jenner explains, "I used to be obsessed with their Star mascara, but these days I'm all about Drama. It gives you tons of volume with just one coat and it doesn't clump up at all!" Volume without clumping is basically the dream, let's be honest.

This isn't the first time that Jenner has recommended a product, though. She does it on the regular, actually. Jenner has recently taken to doing Snapchat makeup tutorials, showcasing the personal product she has in her very own makeup bag. If you were wanting an insight into Jenner's favorites, you can definitely snag them on her social media.

So if you were wondering what Kylie Jenner's favorite mascara is, it's the Lancome Hypnose drama. The volumizing yet non-clumping formula is well-known, and while it is a bit of splurge, if you want lashes on fleek, there's no price too high.

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