How To Buy Justin Bieber's 'Purpose' Tour Merchandise In Stores Because Online Isn't The Only Option

There once was a time that you could only buy tour merchandise if you actually went to the concert. Well times are changing, my friends. As of August 8, Urban Outfitters will sell Justin Bieber's Purpose tour merch., according to WWD. That means you can get the trendy outfits at his official online shop or in stores. It doesn't get much easier than that.

Concert apparel has gotten much trendier lately than it used to be. Instead of just your typical graphic tees, there's everything from singer designed bomber jackets and even temporary tattoos. Basically, tour merch has turned into a full-on fashion business, and Bieber teaming up with this particular clothing company proves it. Seems like the singer can now add designer to his resume.

As of August 5 for in stores and August 8 online, you'll be able to buy standout pieces of Bieber's tour merchandise at Urban Outfitters. That's huge considering that right now, you're only able to buy his pieces at his online shop or at his concert. Why is this so major, you ask? According to Fashionista, the items will all be pretty inexpensive. They report that the caps, tees, and jackets will range between $35 to $89 — no shipping cost needed if you're shopping in person.

Although not every piece of his Purpose Tour collection is available in stores, a whole bunch of awesome items will be making their way to a mall near you. Justin Bieber posted a few pictures of what to expect to his Instagram to give his fans a first look.

According to WWD, there will also be events to celebrate the occasion happening at some stores. Bieber won't be there himself (he's touring for gosh sakes), but there will be live DJ sets and giveaways to win signed gear.

If you can't wait that long, you could always head over to the Purpose Tour site and pick up the items he already has online. Just be warned that it'll cost you.