Amazing News, 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Fans

In news that is sure to delight fans who love seeing reunions of past cast members of Saturday Night Live, TV Line is reporting that Maya Rudolph will guest star in Brooklyn Nine-Nine during the upcoming fourth season of the show. And you know what that means, guys? A wondrous reunion between Rudolph and fellow SNL alum Andy Sandberg. Set to play a U.S. Marshall who will act as Jake (Sandberg) and Holt's (Andre Braugher) official liaison whilst they remain in the witness protection program, Rudolph's character will act as their only contact to their former lives. I can only imagine that between Jake's proclivity for immature pranks and Holt's uptight nature that Rudolph's character will have her work cut out for her. And, suffice to say, comedy magic will surely be made.

It's hardly surprising that Rudolph will be joining the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine as the two appear to have remained in each other's lives since leaving SNL. Rudolph recently co-starred in Sandberg's pop mockumentary Popstar: Never Stop Stopping and Rudolph's husband, the director Paul Thomas Anderson, has also directed Sandberg's wife Joanna Newsom in one of her music videos and her role in his movie Inherent Vice. Should you need a quick reminder of just how great Rudolph and Sandberg's comedy chemistry can be, then give yourself a little reminder by browsing through some of their collaborations together, on SNL and beyond:

"Blizzard Man 1"

Guest starring Ludicrous, this sketch has Rudolph as a straight faced record executive and Sandberg as a Vanilla Ice style rapper whom Ludicrous reassures the executives is "like the next Nate Dogg." Which, he definitely isn't. Rudolph gives the best "Are you serious right now," face, ever, and Sandberg gives his usual hopeless goof routine, to great effect.

"Bronx Beat"

Oh, Bronx Beat. It's by far one of the most beloved SNL sketches, and for good reason — as Betty and Jodi, Rudolph and fellow comedian Amy Poehler are insanely funny as the casual female hosts of a terrible talk show. So add Sandberg and his regular collaborator Justin Timberlake into the mix (as two charmless crew members getting roped into a disastrous interview) and you've got comedy gold full of unfortunate innuendo and cringe-worthy flirtation.

"Basically" — B. Ro & Ava

Andy Sandberg might not be directly involved in this retro music video for his band, The Lonely Island, but it's hard to watch it without imagining Sandberg cackling in the background somewhere whilst Rudolph and fellow Lonely Island member, Jorma Taccone, get all kinds of '90s romantic with each other.

Popstar: Never Stop Stopping

Playing a woman called Deborah (it's pronounced, Deb-Or-Ah, guys), Rudolph enjoys a cameo in Sandberg's mockumentary about the pop music industry as a woman who can install entire albums into fridges. She makes "Nerd" sound like the harshest insult in the universe, and I seriously want to buy whatever she's selling.

Frankly, there's nowhere near enough Sandberg and Rudolph collaborations in existence, so I'm beyond happy that they're able to join forces in the upcoming season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. As such, Rudolph will be making her first appearance in the show's Season 4 premiere on September 20, and I have a feeling you won't want to miss it.

Images: FreshMovieTrailers/Youtube.com