A Tina and Amy 'SNL' Reunion Calls for These Skits

by Courtney Lindley

Two of televisions most beloved friends, the original two person girl gang, and some of the best comic actresses of our generation will return to the place that — more or less — put them on map. NBC has just revealed that long time BFFs, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, will co-host Saturday Night Live on December 19. Now I am sure that dreams really do come true. The former SNL cast members will host the day after their much anticipated film — Sisterspremieres on December 18.

Fey and Poehler co-hosted The Golden Globes in 2013, 2014, and 2015, but this will be their first time co-hosting SNL. Yes, even though these two have created some of the most iconic/hilarious SNL sketches in history, they have never hosted the show together! (I know what you're thinking, how, how did this not happen sooner?) Following news that Fey and Poehler will not be returning to The Golden Globes for 2016, this is either perfect timing, completely necessary, or both.

Fey, who was at SNL for nine years, and Poehler, whose stint lasted seven, have each returned as hosts since they left, but this will really be something to watch out for. Especially if they bring back any of the following Fey/Poehler sketches (which, of course, they should!) for the December 19 episode.

1. "Weekend Update"

The two hosted Weekend Update, between 2004 and 2006, making them the first female hosts. Their chemistry and comedic timing was — not at all surprisingly — off the charts.

2. "B*tch Is The New Black"

Perhaps the best Fey/Poehler segment of Weekend Update was when the two discussed Hilary Clinton. Fey said, "She is [a b*tch]. And so am I. B*tches get stuff done. That's why Catholic Schools use nuns instead of priests. At the end of the year you hated those b*tches, but you knew the capital of Vermont." PREACH.

3. Hilary Clinton and Sarah Palin

Hilarious, political satire at its finest. There are no other comedians that could have played these roles better, honestly. And to watch the two play off of each other, is just... it never gets old.

4. Katie Couric and Sara Palin

Again, the comedic rapport Fey and Poehler have is unparalleled.

5. The Bush Twins

When Fey and Poehler pretended to be George W. Bush's daughters, I secretly wished for a scenario where the two actual had a "secret twin language." Buhseriously!

6. Mom Jeans

The high wasted jeans have made a comeback since this premiered, and I'd love to see a modern take on this.

7. "The Jersey Floor"

All right, so technically not an SNL skit (it was on Jimmy Kimmel), but Fey and Poehler as the "stalkers" is just. too. good. This is a necessary request to bring it back.

If a Fey/Poehler return to SNL is the only Christmas present I receive this year, I have to say, I'll be pretty happy.

Images: NBC; Giphy (6)