Imagine Dragons Likes to Keep Things Close to the Vest, So Cool It With Your Questions

Imagine Dragons decided today to leave less to their audience's imagination, launching a Twitter conversation with their fans during the run-up to this year's iTunes Festival. For those of you who don't know, the iTunes Festival is a music festival running from March 11-15 in Austin, Texas. The iTunes store, in a brilliant move, will be streaming the festival live to be viewed on "iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or computer," or the screen of the person sitting next to you on the bus. Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, and other artists like Keith Urban and Pitbull will be featured.

Imagine Dragons launched their Twitter conversation Friday at 11:45 a.m PT/2:45 p.m ET, and thus far haven't responded to too many tweets To be fair, I'm sure they had a busy day scheduled. There was probably a trip to Chipotle involved, and one of the two Dans had to get acupuncture.

This tweet below isn't like the Oscars tweet that broke the Internet, but it's still pretty adorable. Just a couple of friends, here, gathered around a computer to talk to our 1.01 million followers. It's not entirely clear as to whether Daniel Platzman and Ben McKee (both to the right) are tweeting or just checking their Pinterest boards, but it's nice to see the gang all together.

In the Twitter Q&A, we get a glimpse at the "memorable moments" so far as a band, which include "the Grammys, SNL, the Beatles tribute, waking up in a hotel room in Norway with a bump on my [unidentified] head... and some guy named Ken's number in my pocket." Good work, Ken! When asked about musical influences, the gang replied:

Ah, hip hop. I never would have guessed. I will infer, however, that Imagine Dragons has probably been asked that question many times, and rather than say, "Coldplay," they are keeping their response nice and general as a public relations move. The next time they are asked, they will reply, "classical."

Finally, when asked for the story behind their drum usage, they replied:

This tweet got 200 retweets and 600 favorites, which astounds me because it basically says, "We had drums and now we have bigger drums." Thank god the SAT no longer has an essay section, because Imagine Dragons would lose major points for failing to address the question. I would, however, like to see them elaborate on "it has since escalated haha..." Is this a point of contention in the band? Was this a bid on (lead singer) Dan's part to get (drummer) Dan to knock it off already? Did the tom drum escalate itself by becoming sentient? Why would you waste three characters on "…" when you could tell us more?

The band is holding its cards close to its chest when it comes to who or what inspires them and in the future, I would recommend they hire a ghost-tweeter to spice things up a bit. And @ImagineDragons, if you need one for the upcoming iTunes Festival, I happen to be free.