When Can You Try Instagram's New Comments Feature?

Instagram is great for sharing and viewing all kinds of amazing photos, but there can be one major downside to the app: the online commenters who like to voice their negative opinions all too often. Thankfully, the company is finally making a move to fix this problem, unrolling a new feature that will help Instagram users have more control over their own comment stream. When will you be able to filter comments on Instagram? Soon, my friends. Very soon.

As the company just announced, an upcoming update to Instagram will soon allow users to filter their comments, or even turn them off altogether. Though the app already has general guidelines about what constitutes acceptable speech, it doesn't encompass all the different words and phrases that people may find offensive. This feature will give users further control over their account experiences

“Our goal is to make Instagram a friendly, fun and, most importantly, safe place for self expression," Instagram's head of public policy, Nicky Jackson Colaco, told The Washington Post. "We have slowly begun to offer accounts with high volume comment threads the option to moderate their comment experience. "

So when exactly will you be able to access this feature? An exact date has not been set, but it's expected to roll out gradually in the coming months. High-profile accounts will be the first to get the feature, so Instagram can gather more feedback in a shorter amount of time. After the initial testing, all users will then be able to see the changes to their comment section.

While it may take a few weeks before we get to test the new feature out, it's great to know that Instagram is working to create a better and safer photo-sharing experience for all of us.

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