Where's Taylor Swift During The 2016 Teen Choice Awards? This Isn't The First Ceremony She's Missed

The fans' votes have been counted, so it's time for the 2016 Teen Choice Awards to be handed out. Though the singer-songwriter was nominated for Choice Female Artist and Choice Song: Female Artist for "New Romantics," Taylor Swift did not attend the 2016 Teen Choice Awards to try to collect some surfboards. This wasn't too much of a surprise, as Swift wasn't among the announced guests or presenters for the show and had made no promise to her fans that she'd attend. The last time Swift came to a Teen Choice Awards ceremony was actually in 2014. But the artist has been an awards show mainstay since she broke out onto the scene; you can usually spot her bopping along to live performances from the front row or Instagramming with industry friends backstage. So where was Taylor Swift during the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night?

Her Twitter account hasn't been updated since her infamous response to Kim Kardashian's shocking Snapchat video of a phone call between Swift and Kanye West discussing his song "Famous." And Swift's latest Instagram post from a week ago was a throwback photo of her with pal Selena Gomez in honor of Gomez's birthday. But who needs social media confirmation of Swift's whereabouts when the paparazzi are consistently all over it? Leading up to the TCAs, Swift's last public appearance was in Southern California.

Swift's fledgling relationship with British actor and former Internet Boyfriend Tom Hiddleston is a beacon for media attention. Photographers snapped the pair outside of a Santa Monica restaurant after a dinner date last Wednesday night, as reported by Entertainment Tonight. An "eyewitness" told ET Online that the couple "seemed happy and laughing, touching, holding hands." Earlier this month, People reported that Swift accompanied Hiddleston to Australia, where the actor is filming Thor: Ragnarok.

It seems as if the two are metaphorically joined at the hip in their honeymoon phase, since Swift also jetted back to the States with Hiddleston so he could make rounds at San Diego Comic-Con to promote Kong: Skull Island.

The actor popped up Sunday morning in West Hollywood, so it seems Thor doesn't need him back just yet. JustJared caught Hiddleston saying goodbye to a friend outside of a gym, sans Swift. There is always the off-chance that Swift flew back to Australia private and that Hiddleston is meeting her back there. Or perhaps Swift is still in So-Cal and missed the Teen Choice Awards (which took place in Inglewood, California) due to a conflict. She could be working on some songs for a new album or a collaboration. Or maybe it's none of the above. Even Taylor Swift may need a quiet night in every once in a while.

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