What Is SnappyScreen? The Sunscreen Helper Is Here

If you've ever come back from a beach day with splotchy, uneven tan streaks because of your sunscreen application, there might be a game-changer in the works for you. SnappyScreen sunscreen spray booths want to make messy applications a thing of the past. This is some Jetson-esque, next level stuff here, so get ready to be impressed.

According to Popsugar, "The SnappyScreen invention is similar to a spray-tan booth, but instead it mists you with SPF. Users have the option of picking SPF 15, SPF 30, or SPF 40; and the application process takes just 10 seconds."

Imagine how convenient that would be: You slip out of your flip flops, extend your arms out for 10 seconds, and then have an all-over even mist of sunscreen goodness. With the help of something like this, we'll never again have to rock those sunburn zebra stripes that come from missing spots on our own, nor will we have to worry about wasting time on our beach chairs as we wait for greasy formulas to soak in. The future is obviously now.

Unfortunately, these bad boys aren't available everywhere just yet. According to entrepreneur site Fast Company, "So far, 10 booths have been deployed in the U.S. and Caribbean, with 50 more in the queue for the next year." You might not see them at your local beach just yet, but they're hopefully getting there.

The best part of this innovation is that since it's so easy and handy, a person wouldn't really have an excuse to skip their sunscreen application, meaning they'd be more diligent in protecting themselves from UV rays. That's actually where the idea originally came from, according to Fast Company.

SnappyScreen founder Kristen McClellan, 25, shared with Fast Company, "My [older] sister was the most horrible sunscreen applier. I would wait for an hour every time we went on vacation and she would still end up with the streaky hand marks." Many of us have felt that pain, and most of us probably have the pictures to prove it.

Fast Company continued, "After her sister remarked, 'There’s gotta be an easier way,' McClellan had a thought. 'I said, ‘People are spray tanning; maybe one day there will be sunscreen in there.’" And thus, a genius idea was born.

Another great feature of the booth (other than saving your life from evil UVs) is that it boasts an adorable, beachy design. Rocking a retro, Hawaii-in-the-'50s look, it's got a tiki bar feel to it, which makes it blend in perfectly with its beach surroundings.

Fingers crossed that more and more hotels and resorts invest in this handy tool, bringing sun protection to us all.

Image: NewYorkPost/YouTube (1)