'BiP' Filmed Over A Short Period

by Kayla Hawkins

When wondering about Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 facts, you're free to find the answer by looking at spoilers from bloggers like Reality Steve, but you may run into a fair amount of other, unrelated spoilers — consider this a warning! For those who don't want to know all the details of the season before it even premieres, there's another way to determine how long it takes to film a season of Bachelor in Paradise . Most of this cast is addicted to social media, and they love interacting with fans and with other entries in the Bachelor extended universe. So if you note that a former Bach contestant is silent when a particularly dramatic episode of The Bachelorette airs, they may very well be off in Paradise, trying to find their true love.

From previous seasons, we all know that BiP is filmed over the course of a very short period of time in early summer, just a few weeks, so that's what I looked for. And I successfully found a few cast members who took a social media hiatus that may just point at the dates when the third season of the spinoff was being filmed. Read on if you're curious to see who may have made it to the end and who just took a couple of days off.

Sarah Herron

Sarah posted a cryptic quote about "adventure" early in June, then, four weeks later, posted about being home from Paradise. That puts the season as filming in June for at least four weeks.

Nick Viall

Don't be fooled by all of Nick Viall's recent beach photos, those aren't from Paradise. Like Sarah, he was radio silent from the beginning to the end of June, with a four week period between the two.

Evan Bass

Same four week gap... could all of these cast members have lasted for the full season?

Carly Waddell

This is interesting — right after filming, Carly went of a big San Diego tour with Juelia Kinney. That could mean that Juelia is going to be on the show, which hasn't been confirmed (and for what it's worth, Juelia didn't take an IG hiatus).

Jared Haibon

To contrast, Jared bemoaned his loss on Season 2 of BiP, then, a month later, returned to wish his sister a happy birthday. Maybe he had better luck this season.

We'll have to tune in to see how the couples fared after their four weeks of finding love!

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC