What's Robby Doing After 'The Bachelorette'? He's Making The Most Of His Fame

He made it, you guys. Robby Hayes is in JoJo Fletcher's final two in this season of The Bachelorette. Many may have counted him out when the drama about the timeline of his last break-up and then his move into The Bachelorette mansion bubbled over, but Robby and JoJo are still going strong. Unless she pulls a sharp left turn and makes a choice not to choose, on Monday the strong-minded Bachelorette will hand out her last rose to either Robby or season frontrunner Jordan Rodgers. It's the metaphorical cage match of suitors I've been waiting for all season, and I'm honestly not sure who I'm rooting for at this point. Of course, the rose ceremony is already in the past and viewers are just catching up with what's happened. So what has Robby been up to since The Bachelorette wrapped?

Robby definitely hasn't been spoiling the ending of the show on his social media. I bet those Bachelorette non-disclosure agreements are beastly documents; I wouldn't ever want to find out what happens if you break one. Though Robby can't jump on to Instagram and post an announcement that a) he and JoJo are happily engaged; or b) that she consciously uncoupled from him by picking Jordan, he has been keeping fans posted on his post-show activities.

Posting Cute TBTs

I know, this isn't current Robby business. But look at the baby. He's reading a sloth book to a sloth. Somewhere, Kristen Bell is crying.

Hanging Out At Home

Looks like Robby made another visit back home to visit his alma mater, Florida State University. JoJo already got to see where he grew up on their hometown date, maybe she's back down south with him, just out of shot.

Taking In Some Sports Ball

Sun's out, guns out. Robby went to see the Colorado Rockies play at Coors Field with his brothers who are, if I may say, equally photogenic.

Making His Country Music Debut

Robby hopped on stage with singer-songwriter Casee Allen at the Country Thunder festival in Wisconsin. He hashtagged the post "bucket list" and shouted out Allen's single "Shot Of You," so that's some nice shared promo.

Visited His Co-Stars

No one can resist the puppy filter, not even a Bachelorette cast-off. Robby posted this doggy selfie with fellow contestant and brother "for life" James Taylor, who he hung out with in Atlanta recently.

Whether JoJo chose Robby or not, The Bachelorette contestant has been living life and living large since the shoot ended. And now I wait for the credits to roll, the NDA to expire, and for Robby to really let fans in on what's been going on.

Image: Matt Klitscher/ABC