When Does The 2017 'Bachelor' Season Premiere? The New Leading Man Has Some Time To Prepare

Get ready for a wait that’s going to feel like an eternity. The Bachelor Season 21 will premiere in January 2017. How do I know this? Well every single season of The Bachelor in the last seven years, has premiered the first week of January, which means we have to wait until the new year to meet the new group of ladies trying to win over our Bachelor’s heart. I know, it’s a rough wait, but on the bright side, Bachelor in Paradise premieres soon and we all know BiP is by far the best Bachelor spinoff. There really is nothing better than bringing together the outrageous people from multiple seasons to date each other.

There have been very few hints as to who the next Bachelor will be with contestants like Chase, Luke, and even James Taylor making a play for it with their sad "I just want to find love" goodbye speeches. Unfortunately, I have a strong feeling the powers that be are going to be tight lipped on the topic at After The Final Rose. Since the show doesn't start filming until later in the year, Chris Harrison and co. are likely to make us wait it out. However, my money is on Luke Pell since he was a fan favorite and Chase seems a little too much like a Ben 2.0. When asked about whether he was up for the role, Luke told The Hollywood Reporter, “I would be excited about it. I’ve seen firsthand that it worked, going through this whole process with JoJo and I. I was in love with her.” There you have it, folks.

In the meantime, let’s talk about what needs to happen next season.

A Brand New Bachelor

Obviously there will be a new Bachelor, but I would love to see someone brand new that we’ve never met before. It’s kind of the perfect time to bring in a fresh face since no one from JoJo’s season, even Luke, seems that perfect for the role.

A Villain That Rivals Chad

We need a girl who’s going to troll the guys like Chad does. It makes the season so much better.

An Unpredictable Ending

The last three seasons have been so predictable in terms of who the winner is. It would be great if there was some type of twist on the ending this time around. I don’t want to be able to guess the winner in the first episode. It’s too easy.

A Skydiving Date

If I have to see one more slow dance to a band that no one’s ever heard of, I may just quit. Therefore, I am requesting a skydiving date. How awesome would that be? Let’s get crazy next season.

A Scorned Ex

Isn’t it just the best when an ex from home shows up and causes a ruckus? It would be a wonderful surprise to see an old flame pop by the mansion.

Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel should come back every single season for an episode to help decide who the Bachelor/Bachelorette should pick. He’s the best.

More Hilarious Job Titles And Lame Limo Exits

Who doesn’t live for these two things?

Unfortunately, it'll be awhile before we learn who our Bachelor will be and get to see his season unfold. Is it January yet?

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