Kylie's Three-Piece Kyliner Kit Costs This Much

The first Kyliner Kit is here and I'm hyperventilating over its supreme superiority, which I can tell just from Snaps. Kylie Jenner's Kyshadow Palette in Bronze landed a week ago and she is already adding more eye products to her Kylie Cosmetics offerings in the form of the Dark Bronze Kyliner Kit! The makeup mogul is celebrating her 19th birthday on August 10 and she is celebrating by giving her fans and customers a bunch of new makeup products to play with. The Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection, which is gold-infused and gold-packaged, goes on sale as of 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT on Monday, August 1. The Birthday Edition set will remain shoppable until Jenner's actual birthday in nine days.

The Dark Bronze Kyliner Kit, which consists of a pencil, a pot of gel liner, and an angled applicator brush, is part of this major haul. How much is the Dark Bronze Kylie Cosmetics Kyliner Kit?

The brand's debut Kyliner Kit is $38. Since it has three components, including a brush, that price is beyond justified. Plus, it will probably pair well with the already-issued Bronze Kyshadow Palette. Jenner even confessed in her Snapchat reveal of the products that Kyliner is a kornerstone of her eye makeup looks.

Observe the Kyliner Kit in Dark Bronze. A bronze smoky eye is everything. Everything!!!

It's time to create the perfect cat eye flick with Kyliner.

Since the Kyliner Kit is komprised of three items, each element shakes out to just under $13 a piece. You can create so many looks with the Kyliner Kit, making it worth that spend.

Kill 'em with Kyliner.

Check out the swatch. That color and texture, though!

The Kyliner Kit is the ultimate in building your eye look with layers. You can see the sparkle.

You can smudge and smoke out your peepers with this baby!

The packaging!

The product pieces!

So that's the deal with the Dark Bronze Kyliner Kit. It's softer and more wearable than basic brown or black. You can do sharp and precise lines or a smudged, sooty, messy, and rock 'n' roll look a la The Olsen Twins.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (2); King Kylie Snapchat (6)