How Many Dogs Does Kylie Jenner Have? Here’s A Guide To Keep Them All Straight

With her bestie Jordyn Woods gifting her a pup for her birthday, Kylie Jenner just got a new dog to add to her collection. "Collection" is probably not the right word — it makes me think of people who have a treasure trove of creepy-ass dolls still in their pristine packaging — but there's no denying that Jenner, who turns 19 on August 10, has her fair share of canine friends to come home to (just check any of her socials for evidence). Penny is just the latest addition to Jenner's family, which also includes frequent Snapchat stars Norman and Bambi, the lip kit maven's tiny Greyhound babies. And speaking of Snapchat, it seems like Jenner's story is constantly filled with an endless supply of dogs — so much so that it's impossible to keep them all straight. Exactly how many dogs does Jenner have?

TBH, the answer is a little complicated. Thanks to some investigative work from Teen Vogue, it's apparent that there are numerous Jenner pets over the years who appeared a few times on Keeping Up With the Kardashians but haven't been seen since. And then there's pets like Rolly, a $50,000 bulldog that's really Tyga's, and Dolce, Jenner's childhood pup and namesake of her Dolce K lip color, who went missing in 2012 and seems to have been presumed dead (RIP).

For the sake of clarity, however, I'm just going to include that the dogs that Jenner has now, on her own. Welcome, then, to the wonderful world of Kylie Jenner's adorable pups:

1. Penny

Penny is the newest member of the Jenner brood, and it's clear that she could not get any sweeter. This little girl appears to be a Beagle pup, and mama Kylie is already smitten.

2. Norman

Anyone who follows Jenner on Snapchat is well aware that Norman is her fave. The lucky Italian greyhound is frequently featured in her Snaps, and it's safe to say that dude lives in the lap of luxury.

3. Bambi

Bambi is Norman's sister, and, like her brother, is often the star of the show.

4. Ernie

LOOK AT HIM THOUGH. This long-haired dachshund has such a luscious coat of hair (fur) that it would make the Kardashians green with envy.

5. Sophia

Little Sophia needed some time to get used to her new surroundings in this video, but eventually the sweet pup got the hang of it and acclimated with her new brothers and sisters just fine.

6. Odie

I can only presume that this little guy was named after the dog from Garfield.

And there you have it: All of Kylie Jenner's dogs, all in one place. Until the next addition...