Kylie Jenner Gets A New Dog & Expect It To Be A Snapchat Star ASAP — PHOTO

When thinking of Kylie Jenner, a few things instantly come to mind. Of course, her famous family is number one. The next would probably be her lip kits and ever-growing makeup line. But my favorite thing about the reality star would be her adorable dogs. She's got Norman, Bambi, Sophie, and Ernie. Just when you were getting familiar with their cute faces on Snapchat, she added a new one to the mix. As an early birthday gift, Jenner got a new puppy over the weekend. And warning: It may be the cutest one yet.

According to People, the pup is an early birthday present from her BFF Jordyn Woods. She'll be turning 19 on August 10, so it's less than two weeks away. Considering the gift is so adorable — and you know, a living creature — it makes sense that Woods was too excited to wait 'til Jenner's actual b-day. The whole reveal went down on Snapchat, which is unsurprising because she documents a majority of her life events in that way.

Now, the most important piece of news: the puppy's name. This new addition is Penny. How sweet is that? Quite frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if she let this dog inspire the name of her next lip kit color or something. Perhaps a coppery shade? The makeup mogul is always naming new shades after the important people in her lives and her dogs are like family in their own way. From its face to the speckled paws, I can hardly handle the cuteness. See for yourself!

Honestly, I can't think of a better birthday gift. Her friends really know the way to her heart. This present beats balloons or flowers nay day. (If my own BFFs are listening, feel free to surprise me with a dog next year too.) Since this puppy already made her Snapchat debut, so I think she'll be as popular as the rest of Jenner's pups in no time. She's like a star in the making. She's also garnering quite a bit of attention. In one of the videos, the teen already joked that Penny was her dog Ernie's girlfriend. Yup, taking over the spotlight already.

If you don't already follow Jenner on Snapchat, this may be the best reason to start. Hopefully she keeps the dog videos coming. The more, the better.