Katy Perry's New "Rise" Teaser Is Super Symbolic

by Jordana Lipsitz

Katy Perry is taking the role of anthem writer for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics very, very seriously with her newest song, "Rise." The inspirational ballad she released on July 15 in partnership with NBC tells the story of a person (or nation or athletic team) who "will still rise" despite the presence of the circling vultures or nails in the coffin. And Katy Perry's "Rise" trailer — the music video will be officially released August 4 — gives a super symbolic look at that effort that goes into becoming a champion. Or at least an aeronaut.

In the 26-second teaser, Perry's got herself strapped into a pale pink parachute and seems to be trying (but mainly struggling) to fly utilizing the device. You know, despite the laws of gravity and the whole humans-can't-biologically-fly thing. She gives it her best and most valiant effort, but she keeps running into pretty serious natural obstacles. We see Perry lying huddled under her parachute in a torrential downpour, crawling on her hands and knees while being completely soaked, somehow completely submerged in water, and even running into a giant cliff. Heck, she can barely fly herself out of the hangar. But will she keep trying or won't she? Will she... rise?

This teaser and another 26-second trailer Perry released on July 22 for the song basically have the same vibe. She struggles, she travels long distances, she submerges, but, at the end of the day, she comes up for air ready to fight on because "don't be surprised, I will still rise."

This single is only available to listen to through Apple Music or to purchase through iTunes as of its release date. It will not only be used in promotion of the Olympic events but also during coverage of the game, which start August 5 (the day after the "Rise" video premieres). Perry also performed the song on Day 4 of the Democratic National Convention in a prelude to Hilary Clinton's speech.

So far, it seems the video exemplifies the Olympian spirit, and the spirit of the struggling nation, perfectly. The athlete pushes themselves against the odds to be victorious, and the country pushes themselves to unify, just like Perry's music video-self is pushing herself against the odds to fly off into the sky.

If that video isn't enough "Rise" to hold you over and give you some team spirit or unity or strength, there's always the official NBC Olympics video. No matter what, this fight song will be around in many ways to pump us up for years to come.

Images: Katy Perry/Vevo (4)