Women And Men Test Their Feminist Knowledge

Are you a feminist newbie or can you spit facts, stats and studies while quoting entire passages from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's We Should All Be Feminists? In a new BuzzFeed video, six folks take a feminist quiz to find out just how feminist they are.

Taking the quiz myself, I was surprised to find that I actually disagreed with a few questions, such as, "I believe in a relationship the domestic duties should be shared" (I'm totally cool with my S.O. taking care of all of it, thanks) and "I do not think a movie should be released that doesn't pass the Bechdel test." Although films that include female characters talking about something other than men are usually my favorite kind of films, requiring art to be anything in particular seems like a dangerous game.

Being surrounded by IRL and URL feminists most of the time means I'm privileged to learn something new about feminism every day. What it also means is sometimes forgetting just how much stigma and misinformation comes along with the word "feminist." Case in point: the female participant taking the quiz who described feminists as "very intrusive with their opinions." It's a bummer that dissenting viewpoints are viewed negatively by some, but that's how social change happens. Good thing feminists aren't here to please people.

See how you fare on BuzzFeed's feminist quiz:

Images: BuzzFeed/YouTube