Here's How You Should Actually Shake Hands

Making a good first impression at your interview or while introducing yourself to someone new for the first time is crucial. That is why one of life's greatest mysteries is how to properly shake someone's hand. Luckily, it is a mystery no more! Job recruitment site ZipRecruiter published a video explaining the intricacies of the first handshake, and how you can improve yours.

I've really struggled with handshaking. In general, I avoid eye contact due to social anxiety and fear. Adding physical touch with a stranger is upping that anxiety to new levels. Because that's what a handshake is. It's touching a stranger to assure them that you are not a danger to them. It's a primitive way to establish contact and safety. If you can shake my hand, you can't stab me with a weapon. How this applies to job interviews and interpersonal relationships is exactly the same. You want to assure your new employer or acquaintance that you are trustworthy. That is what makes handshakes so much more important for those of us socially awkward folks.

After watching the video, I learned that I have been making some serious mistakes. My handshake is not firm or confident. I also never knew that there is a number of shakes that people prefer, and that I was drastically over-shaking. I would have gone my entire life without knowing all of this if ZipRecruiter didn't have a magically simple and clear video. Watch it below and learn a few neat tricks!

After watching it, you learn just how easy it is to make a mistake during those first few seconds of meeting someone new.

Don't Be Flimsy With Your Wrist Work

When giving someone a handshake, do not loosen your wrist to the point where it feels like someone is shaking a noodle. I am so guilty of this! I think it suggests that you are not as strong as you want to be, and that kind of sets you up for failure.

Don't Be A Creep

When I was looking for housing in Los Angeles, I met with the landlord of the apartment complex. We shook hands, and he did this move on me! This exact creepy move! It felt like he was taking my pulse or something. The lesson to take away is to never do this.

You're Not Better Than Me

Giving your hand to someone like this makes me think that you want the other person to kiss it. There really isn't a reason to do this.

The Perfect Handshake

There it is. That's the perfect handshake. All you need is confidence, an understanding of what not to do, and a steady grip on the other person.

Images: YouTube