How The 'BB18' Showmances Affect The House

During Big Brother's most recent eviction episode, the first returning houseguest made his way out of the house. Frank Eudy, originally of BB14 fame, had a noble run with the whole house against him and his ride-or-die sidekick Bridgette. Unfortunately, any last minute campaigning wasn't enough to save Frank or Bridgette from the block, and he ended up going home. However, being sent home early wasn't the only way Big Brother was different for Frank the second time around. The many showmances of Big Brother 18 has made this an interesting season to watch and other houseguests have clearly noticed the prevalence of couples this summer. "There was definitely something in the water," Frank tells Bustle about so many people being in showmances in an email interview. "I didn’t really know what to think in the beginning. It made it hard for people that weren’t [in showmances]."

Currently, the showmances make up over half the house, leaving little room for anyone else. "People that were not in showmances teamed up with each other to keep themselves off the block," Frank explains. "Obviously, some people really felt left out of the fun… not me." While Frank avoided a showmance this season, there were two women in the house who were very important to him in very different ways. His "cabbage patch kid," Bridgette, and the woman who would eventually help ensure his eviction, Michelle, both had unique relationships with Frank this season.

When Frank started falling out with the once powerful 8-pack alliance, he was able to find partnership in one ride-or-die houseguest, Bridgette. Although they never formed a showmance, these two were very close friends and often relied on each other for emotional support as well as game strategy, and now he's rooting for her. "I’m hoping [Bridgette] has a chance to slide under the radar a bit now that I am gone," he says. "I know that is easier said than done." Although Frank is optimistic about Bridgette's chances, he's also aware that she is a lone wolf in the house. "I’m worried that she will get put up on the block at least as a pawn. She is in a tight spot and needs to make it over the hump these next few weeks. "

As for Michelle, whose anger over Bridgette and Frank's partnership eventually led to her working to get them out of the house, Frank understands why she was so upset about not using the Power of Veto to save him. "She was a fan of mine and outwardly spoke about that early on so I think she was bummed about me leaving," he says. "From a personal stance and from being a fan of the show." In a house full of showmances and ride-or-die alliances, Michelle being on the outskirts of the house could have played a huge part in her decision to turn her efforts to evicting Frank, as difficult as it was for her.

It's almost tragic that Frank was never able to see eye-to-eye with the other major anti-showmance player this season, Da'Vonne. Their rivalry grew and grew over the course of the season, and Frank himself attributes his eventual eviction, in part, to their conflict. When asked why he thinks the house turned against him so quickly, Frank guesses, "people didn’t like that I wanted to go after Tiff and then I wanted to go after Da’Vonne and then people found out I named dropped and it got me in some hot water."

Although Frank made a lot of enemies in BB18 and was outside of the strong showmance-friendly core group in the house, he still managed to play a good game and make a noble comeback effort after BB14. "Obviously, after playing once you come into the house with a different set of eyes, you are a little bit more relaxed," he says. However, his confidence in the game, though well-earned, may not contributed to his downfall. "I didn’t spend nearly as much time on the block as I did [in BB14]. I had that safety for 3 weeks," he says. "I don’t know if that was good or bad. Maybe I got too relaxed."

Image: Sonja Flemming/CBS