Have Any 'BB18' Showmances Made It Official?

Admit it: The real reason you and I both love watching Big Brother so much entirely just to bend our minds with three months worth of gameplay and strategy. I mean, yeah, that's part of it — but the biggest reasons we watch Big Brother is realy because we like seeing the personal relationships develop. And by personal relationships, I of course mean the showmances. Because let's be real, there really is nothing like watching the romance blossom in the Big Brother house. But, without fail, every season seems to have that couple or two that hits it off and goes for the hook-up — even with cameras all around. And now that the showmances of Season 18 are officially formed, I have to wonder: Who has had sex on Big Brother 18? Well, it turns out that this season is particularly slow in the love department.

And maybe that’s for the best. I don’t know that I can handle analyzing the amount of movement under a bed sheet again this season and still maintain my faith in humanity. So even though couples like James and Natalie have declared their showmance official, that doesn’t mean they’re macking it in the Big Brother house. I mean, think about it: These two just kissed for the first time on Sunday night’s episode during the HoH competition. I find it highly unlikely that they have moved from a peck on the lips to full-on hooking up in a matter of days. Especially since finding places hidden from the always-on live feeds is really challenging.

So if the one official couple in the house isn’t already getting it on, are the other showmances making it happen? Mmm, not so much. Even though Paulie and Zakiyah are lighting up the live feeds with their snuggle sessions, both have made it clear that they are not crossing those lines.

But things might be a little different between Nicole and Corey. There was a strange conversation that had fans up in arms, trying to decipher exactly what had transpired between them. Apparently there was a scene where there was some strange movement under the covers. And I know what you’re thinking: Another Liztin (Big Brother, Season 17), right? Well, that scene was followed by even stranger scene where Corey and Nicole are seen playing pool the morning after, talking about whether or not they “liked” the night before. Still, Corey has said to people in the house that he and Nicole haven’t even kissed yet, so even if there was some petting — heavy or not — there likely hasn’t been any actual sex.

But, hey. Expect the unexpected, right? We’re only halfway through the season. This group of conservative houseguests still has plenty of time to go for the goal.

Image: CBS