Kylie's Birthday Collection Won't Last For Long

by Jessica Willingham

Fans, take deep breaths and please remain calm. Kylie Jenner's Birthday Collection of golden, cosmetic goodness is dropping in just a few short hours, but how long will Kylie's Birthday Edition products be available? Close your apps and pray for speedy WiFi, because this bundle is going to go fast.

Jenner announced that The Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection will go on sale on Monday at at 3 p.m. PST. It will only be available through her birthday on August 10. So you have 10 days to out-shop the thousands of other loyal fans before Jenner turns 19 and this collection disappears forever (or at least until next year).

According to her Snapchat, Jenner promises enough collection kits for everyone. While we aren't sure how many gold collections she produced, we do know that a typical launch or relaunch of her products garners hundreds of thousands of shoppers. Kyshadow, the Bronze Palette, sold out in less than a minute, so if you want this new collection, set your alarm and grab it while you can.

The Kylie Birthday Collection includes an eyeliner kit, a mini matte lip kit, two creme shadows, a new matte liquid lip kit, a new metal matte liquid lipstick, and a shiny gold gloss. Plus, you get an ultra cool Kylie Cosmetics drawstring bag to carry it all.

The collection retails for $195.

If that's too step for you, each item is available to be purchased separately.

Good luck, everyone!

Images: Kylie Cosmetics