Women Tell Their Best Period Stories

It's hard to resist a juicy period story. Like the one where you're 15 and going down a Slip 'N Slide and the water is suddenly crimson, or you're 25 and sleeping over at a hot date's house and accidentally drip blood onto their comforter. In a new Buzzfeed Ladylike video, women tell period stories and swap menstruation advice, and it's (body) positively awesome.

If you've ever had a period, you probably have a blood-soaked tale to tell. These menstrual war stories may have once been reserved for whispering to your besties at middle school sleepovers, but you're truly never too old to discuss them.

The main reason dishing about being on the rag feels so deeply personal and/or taboo is because of menstruation stigma. Certain societal narratives still tell women that periods are "unclean" and "gross," which keeps a lot of period havers from learning about their bodies properly. In reality, periods are a boringly common human function — and actively badass, even. Thanks to period positivity becoming such a feminist issue, however, it's more and more normal to openly chat about your monthly visitor.

Check out what these ladies have to say about periods in Buzzfeed's video:

Images: BuzzFeedYellow/YouTube