Hillary Clinton Has A Really Hot Nephew

Hillary Clinton made history at the Democratic National Convention by becoming the first female presidential nominee of a major political party in the U.S. The days since then have largely been filled with Donald Trump related controversies, protests from Bernie Sanders' supporters, calls to vote for a third party candidate, and, of course, celebrations of Clinton's nomination. But in the aftermath of her acceptance speech on Thursday, a different Clinton caught the world's attention, her nephew. Who is Tyler Clinton? He's Clinton's nephew and he just so happens to be a model.

Most reports say that Tyler is 18 years old, though Hollywood Life reported that he was 22. This might make more sense, because Tyler reportedly graduated from Loyola Marymount University this year, and his uncle Bill Clinton was the commencement speaker.

Tyler is the son of Bill's younger half-brother, Roger Clinton Jr., and photos of the young model have gone viral after he was seen hugging his aunt after her DNC acceptance speech. The Clinton name could possibly account for his seemingly overnight fame, but these photos from Tyler's shoot with photographer Adina Doria, which aren't too bad to look at, could also explain why so many people are paying attention to him.

Many people have circulated these photos on Twitter, eliciting a number of jokes and comments about there being "something for everyone" at the DNC.

Entertainment Tonight got in touch with Doria, the Los Angeles-based celebrity fashion photographer behind these now-famous photos. Doria told ET that Tyler went to the photoshoot with his father, and that he was an "expert" at developing his own poses. Doria also expressed surprise that her photos of Tyler had gone viral, because the photoshoot in question was almost a year ago. "He really deserves this attention," she said. "I am both humbled and honored to have received such an incredible response from fans around the world."

Doria continued to tell ET about her experiences with Tyler and she emphasized how much she enjoyed working with him:

Working with Tyler was amazing. He was incredibly professional, very well-mannered and a truly genuine person. He was friendly to everyone on set and arrived early to location. ... He takes direction very well — I like to let my subjects live through the camera and direction was minimal. He's a natural!

Many of Tyler's newfound fans will probably be excited to hear that Doria is working on another photoshoot with him in September. Doria told ET, "Tyler was equally as talented and professional as those who have been in the business for years. In addition to modeling, I learned he and his girlfriend are very active in the LGBT rights movement." Hubba hubba.