'The Hills' Is Still Must-Stream TV

Suffice it to say that The Hills was one of the — if not the — greatest shows of my generation. Sure, we all loved Laguna Beach, the series that first introduced us to Lauren Conrad, aka LC, but The Hills took that West Coast drama to a whole new level. Now, Lauren is back to share what was really happening with The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now special, which airs Aug. 2 on MTV and has me all nostalgic for my youth. She'll be talking about the show, what was happening off-camera, and, I'm sure, her favorite moments. Though The Hills has been off MTV for a decade now, I want to relive those moments, too. This leads me to ask — how can you stream The Hills ?

It’s actually pretty easy, unlike some shows that you have to fight for access. If you have Hulu, every season except for Season 1 is available to stream (so you can’t see Lauren make the wrong choice and hang with Jason instead of going to Paris). MTV.com has every single episode (Seasons 1 through 6) of The Hills available for live streaming, too. The only caveat? You need a cable login to stream the episodes from MTV, so if you don’t have one (or access to one) you may be out of luck. But that’s a small price to pay in order to watch the best MTV show of all time. And if you want to stream Tuesday night's That Was Then, This Is Now special, it will likely be available on the MTV website after it airs, just like other MTV series.

Once you get your streaming up and running and have reminisced with Lauren, here are the top moments of The Hills that you need to relive.

When Justin Bobby Wore Combat Boots To The Beach

Justin Bobby and Audrina’s relationship was responsible for teaching me what not to do when I got a boyfriend, so at least I can thank Audrina for that. The first time that Audrina and JB broke up, Lauren tried to make her feel better by mocking JB’s choice of footwear for a beach bonfire. Really, JB? Combat boots? You don’t own a pair of flip flops?

When Spencer Painted That Hideous Graffiti In His Apartment With Heidi

Speaking of bad boyfriends, when it came to Spencer and Heidi, it was his way or the highway. So when he painted this grotesque mural in their apartment and she wasn’t happy about it, he was just shocked. It caused a big fight between the couple, and he just didn’t know why.

When Heidi “Knows What She Did”

Lauren and Heidi’s relationship had pretty much disintegrated by this point, but a chance meeting at the club had Heidi trying (I think) to make amends and Lauren losing her cool for once, screaming, “You know what you did!” Supposedly, she was referring to Heidi and Spencer allegedly spreading rumors about her.

When Lauren Didn’t Go To Paris

Do I agree with Lauren's decision here? Not at all. When she opted to hang with Jason in Malibu all summer instead of going to Paris with Teen Vogue, her boss was like, “Whaaaat?” and viewers were too.

When Heidi’s Mom Reacted To Her Cosmetic Surgery

When Heidi went back to Colorado to see her mother after having multiple surgeries, Darlene told Heidi that she thought she looked better before. Ouch, mom.

Ah, The Hills. If you’ll excuse me, I think I’m going to fall into a streaming hole and relive the glory of the entire series.

Images: the-say-hey-kid/Tumblr; MTV; Giphy (2)