Here's When Instagram Stories Will Be Available

Well, it looks like we've reached peak social media, people — as in, I'm actually questioning if things can get any better from here. Why? Because the new Instagram Stories feature was announced today, to rapturous fanfare online. Obviously, as the tech-savvy society we are, it's imperative that we know when Instagram Stories will be available for our own digital consumption — so what's the deal? When can we expect to be able to build our very own stories?

"Today we're launching Instagram Stories, a new feature that makes it easy to capture and share all your daily moments," a post on Instagram's blog reads. "Instagram has always been where the world's most influential celebrities and public figures connect directly with their fans and share the moments they want to remember. Now, with Instagram Stories, you'll step into the perspectives of your favorite entertainers and celebrities." The feature is basically the addition of some Snapchat-like fuctionality within Instagram itself; users can create a slideshow with photos and videos, which can be shared with followers and which disappear after 24 hours.

Unfortunately, we don't have an exact date for when the feature will roll out globally; however, the answer still amounts to good news: Soon. In their blog post, Instagram noted that most of us around the world should be getting to use Instagram Stories within a couple of weeks.

What we do know is that as of right now, the feature is only available to key influencers and celebrities (like Serena Williams and Nick Jonas) who are trying it out first. Perks, right? It's a smart move on Instagram's part to roll this feature out among celebrities first, as it's those accounts with big followings that will get us all familiar with the new feature. Not to mention, limiting its release to influences at first will no doubt increase interest and make the rest of us even more eager to get creating stories of our own.

I for one am extremely excited about the prospect of over-sharing my life on not one, but two social media platforms in a somewhat narrative manner. The feature has apparently been in the works for a while, so here's hoping it's a good one!

Image: Instagram