What It's Like To Be Jennifer Lawrence's Date To The Oscars

Men and women alike have professed their overwhelming affection towards the affable Jennifer Lawrence. From the time of The Hunger Games press tour when she revealed to the world that she was a tried and true goofball, she became America's imaginary best friend and not much has changed since then. She just gives off a charismatic air that reels you in with her general indifference to manners and social etiquette, her penchant for not being steady (at all) on her feet, and just for being all around awesome. But, other than just watching a few hilarious and endearing interviews on the small screen, what is it like to really be Jennifer Lawrence's best friend?

According to Laura Simpson, Jennifer Lawrence's Oscars date and all around bestie, it's pretty cool, actually. You may better remember her as the girl that JLaw clawed at for safety as she fell on the red carpet before the big event.Simpson took to Myspace to pen an essay on her experience at the hallowed event, being an unknown, un-famous girl who just happens to have an extremely well known and famous confidant. Her piece begins with a lighthearted tone of nonchalant wit and self-deprecation. In just the first few lines, it's easy to see how the two get along so well-- they don't take themselves too seriously. We like that.

Simpson details some things you may not know about the Oscars. For instance, there are "Jesus freaks" lined up protesting outside of the event damning Hollywood to hell, everyone's apparently "hammered," the audience barely gets to see what's going on when the categories are being read off because there are only two small televisions on either side of the auditorium (no fancy montage for you, Oscar's audience), and oh yeah, Brad Pitt smells unearthly scrumptious (to be honest, never got that impression). She also relays the facts that we all could have guessed from just watching from our couches-- famous people are self-important, photographers are rude and boisterous, and if you're not famous the atmosphere can make you feel incredibly small.

The one stand out thing that JLaw's BFFL exposed, that perhaps the powers that be may not want you to know, is the overwhelming sense of camaraderie between the actresses and more importantly, the women of the event. She professes, "I think what I took most away from the evening was how lovely all the women were. Actresses tend to get a bad reputation but every woman I met was lovely, witty and introduced themselves to me even though I wasn't famous." Whether it was Glenn Close showing off her hidden comfortable shoes, a pregnant Kerry Washington asking for a slim jim, or Margot Robbie unbelieving of her jewlery, Simpson exposed such an essential fact-- these actresses who we make seem larger than life, are just people too. They get uncomfortable, and hungry, and awed just as everyone else does. Oh, and yes, women, even those who are pitted against each other, can treat one another with respect and kindness, despite of who they are or what their job may entail.

Despite Simpson's essay being wildly entertaining and eye opening, it did a real service to women in the show business industry, and in fact, women everywhere. We need more of this-- exposure of women being supportive of other women, because it's real and essential and so, so important. Thank you, Laura Simpson. You are so much more than just Jennifer Lawrence's best friend.

Images: E!