Justin Bieber's UO Tour Merch Is Here

There are still quite a few months of stops left in the Purpose Tour, so your chance to wear merch to concert hasn’t passed, just yet. Although, if you don’t live in the countries left on his list of cities, good luck paying for that flight! Even if you can’t actually attend a concert, you may be interested to know when Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour Collection will be available to buy because hey, live show or no, you can still rep your Bieber pride with these wares. No shame in your Belieber game, you know?

The Purpose Tour merch will be available through Urban Outfitters. It hits store floors on Aug. 5th and will be online on Aug. 8th. So, I hope you’re ready for some IRL shopping here, guys.

The five piece collection will feature the coolest hat along with a couple of t-shirt selections as well as outerwear items. The prices range from $35 to $99. It’s technically billed as menswear, but everything looks pretty darn unisex to me.

Take a look at what the range has to offer so you can have a gameplan before the in-store shopping madness ensues. Having a strategy is always helpful in these types of situations, you know? Consider yourself warned. Bieber-crazed shoppers are coming to an Urban Outfitters store near you!

Shop pieces with the Purpose Tour logo or the word "Staff" written on it to feel like you're apart of the crew.

Then, style them in a truly UO way, if you see fit. Because honestly, it just doesn't get cooler than this.

The collection's got short and long-sleeve tees in black and white.

The baby blue hoodie is the star of the show, though, if you ask me.

The Staff jacket paired with the hat is a killer combo.

Clearly, JB got fashion chops because this line is full of major must-have clothing. When it comes to his voice and his stylish sensibilities, he never disappoints.

Images: Courtesy Urban Outfitters (6)