Where To Buy Kate Hudson's Mirrored Sunglasses

Kate Hudson's style is basically perfect for summer. Whether she's rocking the boho chic looks she's known for or glamming it up on a red carpet, she know how to do summer right, and since summer's not over yet, you'll want to know where to buy Kate Hudson's mirrored sunglasses. Mirrored sunglasses have been all the rage during these hotter months, and while on vacation in Greece, Hudson definitely embraced the trend in the best way. In a gorgeous flowing frock and classically Hudson boho bag, the sunnies were a perfect accessory to the look.

Hudson has always had a knack for fashion. That's probably why her Fabletics line of activewear has been so successful. The athleisure based line blend sportswear and fashion basically seamlessly, and since it is athleisure, it's totally on trend. Leave it to Hudson to stay on trend with everything — even things not sunglass related.

The Perverse Sunglasses sunnies are the Thelma frames, and they're totally perfect for the rest of the summer. The glasses features a subtle touch of pink around the lens and over the band of the nose giving them just a bit of a girly touch. Plus, they look great on Hudson! Makes you want to shop them, right?

The Perverse Sunglasses Thelma sunnies don't just come in pink, though. The glasses have two other colored mirrored lens.

Thelma Sunglasses in Susan, $40, Perverse Sunglasses


Thelma Sunglasses, $40, Perverse Sunglasses

For a bight, blue hue, the glasses in Brad are perfect.


Thelma Sunglasses, $40, Perverse Sunglasses

Want classic? Geena is for you.

If you were wondering where to buy Kate Hudson's sunglasses, don't worry any longer. You can snag these gorgeous sunnies over at Perverse.

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