Ofra Cosmetics' Rodeo Drive Highlighter Is Coming

Kylie Jenner, with her Birthday Edition Collection, and the Olympic athletes competing in Rio this month aren't the only ones going for the gold. Ofra Cosmetics is dropping its white gold Rodeo Drive highlighter and it's a beauty. Ofra released a trio of amazingly decadent, matte liquid lipsticks with Manny MUA and that collab put this indie brand firmly and prominently on my radar. However, the Rodeo Drive highlighter will keep Ofra Cosmetics front and center. The shimmery, circular highlighter, which has rays of sunlight carved into the actual product, will help you glow, baby, glow. It's multidimensional, with white gold and iridescent pink sheen. When is the Ofra Cosmetics Rodeo Drive Highlighter coming out?

The brand revealed that the Rodeo Drive Highlighter will arrive next week. Perhaps they are keeping the exact drop date a secret in order to surprise fans. Ofra Cosmetics noted that Rodeo Drive is on its way in the caption of a cute Instagram video. Bustle reached out to Ofra PR reps to inquire about the exact release date.

UPDATE: Ofra reps responded to our email to confirm that the Rodeo Drive Highlighter will go on sale on Tuesday, August 9 at 10 a.m. ET. It costs $35. Ofra has created a site-wide discount code for Bustle readers. To receive 30% off when shopping the Ofra site, enter the "Bustle" code at checkout. So, if you plan to shop Rodeo Drive, you will pay just $24.50.

This baby will inject a little sunshine into your day and some brightness onto your face. You can highlight so many features — cheeks, browbones, temples, the Cupid's Bow, and more— with the Ofra Rodeo Drive Highlighter. It's another #ByeMoney makeup moment.

I personally love when an indie brand offers what looks to be an unforgettable and highly sought after product.

ICYMI: This is the brand's Beverly Hills Highlighter, which is broken up into silky, multichromatic slices. This compact is $39.95. But there are so many shades contained within that you can execute a fresh look daily with this baby. It can also be used as eyeshadow.

Ofra is a totally on-trend brand, as evidenced by the metallic liquid lipsticks that launched last month.

There is some serious metallic shimmer present in Monaco and Versailles. The radiant Rodeo Drive is all about getting dat glow. Clearly, the Ofra team executes beauty trends flawlessly.

Happy shopping on August 9!

Images: Ofra Cosmetics/Instagram (3); Courtesy of Ofra (2)