We're All Over This Black Widow Featurette

Of all the things Joss Whedon brought to Avengers, his collaboration with Scarlett Johansson to create a more engrossing Black Widow for the big screen is one of the ones we're most grateful for. We were given but a glimpse in the actual Avengers movie, but the promise it set up is hopefully about to be paid off all the more in the upcoming Captain America: The Winter Soldier , 2015's Avengers: Age Of Ultron, and — pleasepleasepleaaaaase — a possible Black Widow solo movie that Marvel seems to be heavily mulling. Which is why every bit of time with Natasha Romanoff is something we're paying attention to — including this Black Widow featurette prepping audiences for what's about to go down in Winter Soldier.

The featurette lays out some pretty big hints for what's coming, in a couple different directions. There's the morality clash that's probably about to take place between Natasha and Cap — Chris Evans makes a note in the clip that Natasha's far more amoral in nature and training than Steve is — as well as that ever-looming very very strong possibility that there might be some sort of romance brewing between the two. I'd say the bond they tease in this clip could stay platonic (and would arguably be better off that way), but there are those pesky on-set photos of (spoiler alert?) the characters macking on each other on an escalator that seem to point elsewhere.

Regardless of who she's macking on, let's hope this Captain America sequel leads us ever further to an actual Black Widow solo movie, and not just to continued moaning of the use of women as love interests in superhero movies. We believe in you, Marvel. Do right by Black Widow.

Image: Marvel