Johnny Weir & Tara Lipinski Bring Hilarious Expertise to 'Late Night With Seth Meyers'

You saw them on the sidelines at Sochi, covering the Oscars red carpet — and now, the dynamite commentary duo of Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski took to Late Night With Seth Meyers , to provide Olympics-style critique to footage of everyday civilian skaters at Rockefeller Plaza — AKA, "The 30 Rock Lunchtime Figure Skating Olympics." The results are, predictably, hilarious: "You should be able to feel the sex appeal coming off of them," Weir says of a stumbling, beige-clad couple who look like their clasped hands are more for staying precariously upright than portraying any kind of intimacy. "This is figure skating — it's pageantry! They don't have it." But it's clear that Weir and Lipinski do.

Indeed, this clip is good news for the fledgling Late Night host. Despite Meyers's potentially rocky start, it's bits like this that prove he's already got the golden rule of late night down: No matter what the critics say, if you can line up funny enough segments with dynamite talent — who, for example, can pull off lines like "That is moxie!" with the perfect balance of commentator pep meets sarcastic drawl — then you're all set.

You know what, scratch that: Let's just give Johnny Weir his own talk show — Tara can co-host (Andy Richter to his Conan, if you will). I mean, I would tune in for the outfits alone; the spot-on commentary would just be a bonus.

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Images: BirchBox/Tumblr; The Today Show/Tumblr