What To Expect From A One-Night Stand On Vacation

Even though it feels like we're entering the last leg of summer, vacation season is thankfully still in full-swing. If you're lucky, you've been able to take a few days out of your busy schedule to relax somewhere sunny (or maybe in the mountains if that's more your scene). When you're so over the 9-5 life, vacations seem idyllic: Long hours with nothing to do but have a beer, read a new novel, and, best of all, have a romantic summer vacation fling with a local hottie or fellow tourist.

There's just something sexy about meeting someone on vacation — the beautiful setting, freedom from work, and prospect of never having to worry about seeing him or her again make it easy to develop a huge crush. The intense relaxation and worry-free nature of vacation create the perfect vibe for opening yourself up to romance. Although it's bittersweet to know things might not last very long, the impermanence of the situation makes things even hotter (and more mysterious, too).

Earlier this year,'s annual Singles In America survey asked over 5,000 people (based on the U.S. Census, not only Match members) about all the details of their romantic lives. From politics to exes, single men and women dished about their preferences. Perhaps most importantly of all, the survey asked people about their experiences with vacation flings. Here are seven fun things we learned about what you should really expect when it comes to your hot summer hookup, whether it's a one-night stand or five-night stand.

1. Older People Are More Likely To Hook Up On Vacay

The Match survey found that singles in their 40s and 50s were actually twice as likely to have a one-night stand on vacation than those in their 20s. That may seem counterintuitive; after all, I can't imagine a single 20-something who would turn down a fun fling in the sun. But one nugget of wisdom you learn as you get older is that being adventurous and taking risks can pay off, and that certainly applies to romance, too.

2. Conservatives Were Less Likely To Have A One-Night Stand

Those who identified as libertarians were twice as likely to have a vacation fling than those who identified as conservative Republicans. Though your political affiliation isn't really a solid barometer for anyone's sexual preferences, it's worthwhile to explore how politics can impact your love life.

3. Your Attitude About Drugs Could Be Related To Your Affinity For Vacation Hookups

The Match survey found that those who have one-night stands on vacation are about 2.5 times more willing to date people who do illegal drugs. If you're open to a one-night stand, it might be that you're just more ~chill~ in general, and are always willing to go with the flow.

4. Vacation Fling-Lovers Are More Into Open Relationships

Similarly, those who have one-night stands on vacay are twice as likely to be OK with the idea of an open relationship. As long as you're honest and good at communicating, an open relationship might certainly be the right decision for you and your partner.

5. West Coasters Make Vacation Hookups Last

People on the West coast are 36 percent more likely to have had a relationship with someone they met on vacation, the Singles In America survey found. There must be something in the water out there (or else optimism is more prominent on the West coast).

6. ...And So Do Gay Folks

According to the survey, gay people are almost twice as likely as straight people to continue a vacation hookup after heading back to reality. Maintaining a relationship that's long-distance might not be easy, but who says it's impossible?

7. Certain Cities Bode Well For Hopeless Romantics

The top cities where singles have had a one-night stand on vacation are: San Francisco (38 percent), San Antonio (38 percent), Seattle (33 percent), Phoenix (32 percent), and Denver (30 percent). If you're looking for some steamy vacation action, it looks like you're better off heading West.

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