These Feminist Pins Are Amazing

by Rosie Narasaki

Girl power + the Olympics + enamel pins? Any way you cut it, you've got yourself a real winning combination there. Feminist retailer Wildfang is teaming up with female empowerment movement I Am That Girl (as well as 17 influencers) to bring us the "You Got This" collection of pins.

The new collection is set to launch on Friday, August 5 on the Wildfang website to coincide with the Rio Games, and you should be excited: In addition to being an awesome mix of adorable and empowering, 100 percent of the proceeds will go to I Am That Girl. That's a non-profit organization with a mission statement that includes transforming "self-doubt into self-love," and they aim to "[Raise] the standards for how girls treat themselves, each other, and the world." Suffice it to say, it's quite the cool collaboration, and it's basically a win-win situation — buy a cute pin, support an awesome cause.

Illustrated by Portland artist Chelsea Snow, each pin has their own unique charms — especially since they're all a collaboration with different influencers. Everyone from your favorite Mean Girl Amanda Seyfried, to double Olympic Gold Medalist Abby Wambach, to X Games Champion Vanessa Torres was asked to share where they get their confidence from. Then, those stories were interpreted by Snow to create each pin design.

As you can see, each pin has its own considerable charm — so let's take a closer look at a few of the best.

Fin It to Win It

Everyone loves sharks, and comic book writer/Bitch Media co-creator Kelly Sue Deconnick gets that.

Donut Underestimate Me

This isn't Evan Rachel Wood's first collaboration with Wildfang — she also shot a video for them last year.

Apply Yourself

“Lipstick is my armor," explained What Not to Wear co-host Stacy London in the "You Got This" press release, "It makes me feel sexy, strong and powerful. It’s my strength projected outward, it’s the cherry on the sundae of who I am. And when I kiss someone hello or drink tea, it leaves my impermanent but deliberate mark: ‘I was here.’” Hell yes, London.


Khalida Popal, former captain of the Afghanistan Women’s soccer team, has a succinct yet powerful message with her adorable pin.

Fortune Favors the Bold

She may play the character you love to hate on Orange is the New Black, but the real life Taylor Schilling is one cool woman.

With so many excellent pins, the real problem now is deciding which one (or five) to buy.

Images: Courtesy of Wildfang