Hamilton Fans Should Watch The History Channel

When I was watching Star Trek Beyond recently, I found it so interesting and funny that the producers named a space station after the Battle of Yorktown — probably thinking that it was an obscure American History reference not everybody would get, but many would appreciate. However, thanks to Hamilton, the general public is not only well-versed in Revolutionary history these days, but eager for more. We're in luck, too, because The History Channel's Alexander Hamilton documentary is kind of a must-see for Hamilfans.

There are a lot of documentaries and specials taking advantage of enthusiasm for these figures and this time period. However, this History Channel special is definitive in a lot of ways. Just to clear up some FAQs: this is not the documentary on the musical that PBS is airing in October, which is also not the performance recorded earlier this summer. With so much quality Hamilton: An American Musical content out there, it's easy to get stuff mixed-up.

This is an old-fashioned style History Channel documentary that we can look at with perhaps fresher eyes thanks to Hamilton. Here are some reasons why fans of the musical might want to choose this doc besides the subject matter alone.

Ron Chernow Is Involved

He wrote the biography Alexander Hamilton that Lin-Manuel Miranda picked up as some light vacation reading, like you do, and the rest is magic.

I Know You Care

Admit it, you're more invested in historical figures than you ever were in History class, (or even if you're still in History class — maybe you're sitting in History class right now.

You Can Shout Lyrics At The Screen

"Hamilton later moved in with fellow King's College student Hercules Mulligan —" "A TAILOR SPYING ON THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT, I TAKE THEIR MEASUREMENTS, INFORMATION, AND THEN I SMUGGLE IT!!!!!"

Or Impress Non-Hamilfans With Your Knowledge

I dunno, are History Channel documentary viewing parties a thing? If anything can make them a thing, it's Hamilton.

Headcanons Galore

I know, I know, it's insane that I'm about to say this about real events that actually happened in the United States... but think about all of the Hamilton musical headcanons that a two-hour documentary could inspire.

There's More To Learn

Hamilton is a musical, not a textbook. There's always more to discover, especially when it comes to the economics and politics.

You're Running Out Of Ways To Live Vicariously Through This Show

I know how it is. Even if you you enter the digital lottery every day, live for "good morning" and "good night" tweets from Lin-Manuel Miranda, follow super swing Andrew Chappelle on Snapchat, have memorized all the lyrics, sorted all of the characters into Ilvermorny houses, and can't stop comparing other books you read and films you see to Hamilton — it's never enough! If you need to dip into the world of Hamilton in a new way, documentaries are it.

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