Jules Wainstein Opens Up About Her Divorce

It hasn't been an easy road for Real Housewives of New York City newcomer Jules Wainstein and her first season of the Bravo series, especially when it comes to publicly dealing with her divorce from Michael Wainstein. During a Wednesday appearance on Watch What Happens Live, RHONY 's Jules opened up about her divorce and cleared up some rumors regarding her marriage in the process. First, she did confirm that she and Michael are splitting. "Yes, I can confirm we are getting divorced," Jules told host Andy Cohen.

Cohen pressed even further, including about allegations that Michael had an affair. After the WWHL host asked Jules, "Did you know Michael's mistress — the woman that he was with?" Jules became very quiet and didn't end up answering, but did look to her RHONY co-star and good friend Dorinda Medley to help her out. Medley responded, claiming, "I can say that's true." Jules added that she did not know about the alleged affair, but at the same time became uncomfortable about whether or not she suspected her soon-to-be ex-husband was cheating. Medley also jumped in and said about her relationship with Jules and the fact that if she did suspect, Jules would've let her know. "We're very close," Medley explained. "We would have had one of these late night conversations. So, you never had that conversation with me."

Regarding the alleged affair, Michael commented in June via a statement released by his lawyer Mark Jay Heller to E! News and said, "We prepared papers dated May 13. We sued her for divorce. She has not answered the papers. If she had any basis for counterclaim against him, she would have done so." Heller added, "This incorrect allegation that he was busted for committing adultery, if it's true, she certainly would have answered his papers countersuing him for adultery. She has not done that."

Despite their divorce, Jules told Cohen the two are still living together, but I can only imagine that will soon change. Actually, Michael's lawyer released a statement to E! News about their living arrangements and said, Obviously, it's not going very well. When it gets to court, the judge may order someone to move out."

Jules also commented on the claims Bethenny Frankel previously made on WWHL in June, where she said Jules and Michael were discussing divorce before the filming of RHONY Season 8 even began. "Because we have a mutual friend?" Jules responded about Frankel's remarks. "We have no mutual friends... she knows everything," she jokingly added.