This Dating App Is Making "Pokemon" Dates Easier

As love and "Pokemon Go" dating apps continue to align, the latest opportunity to catch them all on a first date comes from dating app Dine. The app, which aims to get users to meet up at their favorite food or drink spots ASAP, now added a feature to match "Pokemon Go" users. I'm pretty sure within a few years we'll all be matched by some robo-computer monster program solely on our "Pokemon Go" playing habits. It's the future — and you heard it here first.

While we've seen several new apps pop up in the last few weeks during the Pokemon boom, it's not surprising other dating apps are getting in on the action, too. "The Pokemon craze is something special that we see staying popular for a while. Many of our users are "Pokemon Go" lovers so we decided to create a new way for users to find common interests and try a new creative idea as a first date," Keisuke Kamijo, Founder and CEO of Dine tells Bustle. "Meeting up to catch Pokemon as a first date is not for every single person's case, however, for people who love Pokemon and based on what we have been seeing on social media, we feel a Poke Date makes for a great starting point."

How does it work? If you're a "Pokemon Go" lover, you can now list on your profile 'let's catch Pokemon' to let others know you are down to catch 'em all. Sounds pretty fun to me.

And, even better, they announced through an Instagram video where they backed up the reasons you should be meeting people through Pokemon. It sounds a little ridiculous, but they may actually have a point. You can check out the whole adorable video here, which is good for a watch even if you can't tell a Balbasaur from a Pikachu:

Why should you be using Pokemon as matchmakers? Here's how they broke it down:

1. Shared Activities Are Important

It's true — couples who spend time together doing a shared activity are often happier in the long run than those who don't. So meeting over a shared like or interest is a great foundation for a relationship. And considering how obsessive people are about "Pokemon", it's probably not only good but necessary to get a partner who's on board.

2. It's A Cheap Date

Dinners, movies, drinks — dating is hella expensive. Especially in the early days where you feel like you need to be out on the town all the time and can't just collapse into an underwear and TV marathon pile together like you really want to. Rather than spending your money on that, "Pokemon Go" is free and gives you an activity to cover any awkward silences. Win-win.

3. It's An Active Date

One of the biggest benefits of "Pokemon Go" is that it's getting everyone out of the house. Rather than just sitting around drinking together, you can get some endorphins and catch (and hatch) all those Pokemon. Come on, you know you want to.

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