Let Your Zodiac Sign Decide Your Labor Day Plans

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I hate to be the one to bring this up, but Labor Day weekend is just around the corner. I know, I know, summer literally just started — you've barely worked up a tan and your hair is nowhere near pool green. I'm not trying to speed up the end of your summer or anything, I'm just trying to give you a slight nudge to remind you that it's coming.

Chances are you're going to want to celebrate it, but you're going to ignore it for so long that it will just show up and you won't be prepared for it. But no one likes that feeling of being slapped in the face by the arrival of a holiday weekend that has no plans attached to it. So instead of ignoring the fact that it's approaching, take a minute to think about it and decide how you're going to spend it, so then you can just put it out of your mind for the rest of the month. Sound good?

In case you're too overwhelmed to wrap your head around the vast sea of plans, I've put together some suggestions for how to spend your Labor Day weekend, based on your Zodiac sign, of course. Because no one knows you better than the universe:


You are a free spirit. Plans give you anxiety, so don't make them. Let the weekend come to you as it pleases. Don't worry about RSVPing, decide in the moment what you feel like doing. And if you feel like doing nothing and being alone, don't apologize for it.


You're a water baby and you're headed to the beach! Spend the whole weekend swimming and splashing around, soaking up those last few days of the season, totally submerged in water.


You are one brave and active person. Let this be the weekend that you get the courage to surf with the locals. No matter how unwelcome they make you feel, be polite and head out there with your board. These are your waves, too.


You work so hard and are so good at saving. This weekend, splurge: rent a house with some friends and get away. Go in on an Airbnb or get yourself a hotel room to get some seriously luxurious R&R.


You've got a lot of energy and like to be engaged constantly. Spend a day out on a boat with some friends and bring a book. When you get bored of swimming and cruising, you can curl up with a book. Pick something exciting and thrilling, your attention span needs it.


You're a deeply sensitive person and you spend a lot of time feeling your feelings. This weekend sign up for a bootcamp or boxing class. Sweat it out and give your mind a break. Try to spend a day staying active in a fun way. You deserve a break from thinking so hard.


You love attention, you thrive when eyes are on you. Be a leader and throw a Labor Day BBQ. Invite everyone who doesn't already have plans and put on your hosting face. You'll love being surrounded by your friends and being the center of attention.


You love to plan. Plans make you feel safe and comforted. Plan the hell out of your weekend if it makes you happy. Make yourself a fun schedule that includes lots of adventure and socializing and indulging and stick to it.


Your heart swells for beauty. Plan a day trip to go hiking with some friends this weekend. Pick a trail that leads to an impressive overlook. Snap some pics and remember the trip forever.


You love danger and you love competition. Try a spicy food challenge this weekend. Sign up with friends or alone and put yourself to the ultimate test: woman versus food.


You work too hard. Try turning your phone off this weekend and relaxing. I know it's hard for you, but if you leave your devices as home you'll have an easier time keeping your mind from wandering to work. Go to the beach, read, listen to music, catch up with friends. Stay far away from your computer this weekend, you need this time to recharge in the sun.

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