Noel Kahn May Be Sara Harvey's 'PLL' Killer

Every single person in Rosewood has secrets, but how many people have actual blood on their hands? Unfortunately, that number seems to be increasing by the day as well because not only has Charlotte been killed, but now Sara Harvey is dead on Pretty Little Liars as well, for reasons we can only begin to speculate about. Part of me thinks that both of these characters were murdered by the same person, given how purposefully each of their bodies seemed to be put on display. The killer wanted them to be found this way. So who could possibly have such a sick and twisted sense of humor? I'm growing more and more suspicious that Noel Kahn killed Sara and Charlotte, and has been the one behind all of this bloodshed since the very beginning of the season.

Granted, this isn't the first time we've suspected this guy of suspicious wrongdoing and turned out to be kinda, sorta wrong about it — like the time he did have a secret, but that secret was actually helping Alison hide out? But that doesn't automatically make him one of the good guys, especially since he's been gone for so long. Who knows what he's been up to or how he's changed throughout these past five years? And considering he was last spotted meeting up with Jenna and Sara — the latter of which is now dead — I'd say his return to Rosewood is for sinister purposes.

The fact that Noel was a complete no-show in Tuesday's episode also raises some serious alarm bells. After all, just because you aren't shown on the screen, doesn't mean you're still not up to no good. Sara seemed to be a lot less relaxed ever since Noel showed up to meet her and Jenna for drinks. Before, she was confident and appeared to be happily conspiring with Jenna. But then she quickly became scared and even warned Emily against someone who you don't ever want to cross. Jenna stopped her before she could reveal the person's name, but what if it was Noel?

When Sara was attacked, she was about to leave her hotel room at the Radley in attempt to escape whoever she was so fearful of. But, in the end, it was too late. The killer must've realized she was having second thoughts about everything and decided to eliminate the weak link. I could easily see that being Noel. Plus, the killer would've had to be pretty strong to not only kill her, but also lift her up into bathtub. The same goes for the way Charlotte's body was found.

We've never been given a whole lot of information about Noel, but he was a definite troublemaker and instigator back in high school. Who's to say that he hasn't become more destructive with age? This show has taught me to never believe in coincidences, so the fact that Sara's death just so happens to coincide with Noel's return is something that shouldn't be overlooked. He could be the missing link to this murder mystery, and if that's the case, let's just hope the Liars are watching their backs.

Images: Byron Cohen/Freeform; prettylittleliars/Tumblr; Giphy