Simone Biles Skips The Opening Ceremony

If there is one singular, standout athlete at the 2016 Olympics this year, it's 4'9" powerhouse gymnast Simone Biles. The 19-year-old is a record-breaking gymnast — consecutive three-time world all-around champion; consecutive four-time national all-around champion — and one who is slated to take home some serious gold in her first-ever Olympic games. While Biles may be seriously focused in the gym, she's also rarely seen without an enormous smile on her face. She boasts the type of infectious, wide-eyed enthusiasm of someone who is genuinely psyched and in awe of her career, but unfortunately, Biles did not bring her exciting demeanor to the opening ceremony on Friday.

As the NBC broadcast of the event noted, Biles decided to watch from her bed. It's surprising that she skipped the ceremony, because she has been steadily posting on Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram throughout her entire journey to and at the Olympics, and has been sharing just how pumped she is for actual weeks. Earlier this week, she tweeted, "It's August 1st, Podium training is Thursday and Opening Ceremony is Friday... W O W." She shared the same sentiment in a sponsored tweet before she even got to Rio, revealing what pumps her up for the games is the fact that she was planning on walking in the opening ceremony:

One reason Biles might have sat this one out is because she needs rest — women's gymnastics starts on Sunday. And there's no doubt that Biles is ready to kill it during the games. TBH, the athlete is a powerhouse in every event — all you have to do is YouTube "Simone Biles floor, Simone Biles vault, Simone Biles balance beam," etc., to see the full extent of her talent — and I can't wait to see what she does in Rio.

But I guess she wanted to rest up and just enjoy being the best of the best on her own. Go Simone Biles! I'll be looking for you come gymnastics time.