Kylie Cosmetics' Birthday Collection Is Sold Out

The Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection has easily been one of the most sought after creations from Kylie Jenner's eponymous brand. From matte lip kits to glosses to cream shadows, the kit basically has it all, and fans want it. Is Kylie Cosmetics' Birthday Collection sold out? If you didn't snatch up your favorite product fast, you may just be out of luck because as of press time, only three products remained in Jenner's birthday collection.

Just because the collection isn't completely sold out though doesn't mean there's an issue with it's popularity. In fact, it's probably the opposite considering that one of the first items to sell out was the bundled collection. That's right. One of the first things gone was the $195 full collection. If fans are willing to drop $200 and sell out that item, it's basically impossible to doubt the brand's popularity. Next up to sell out, though? The Kylie Cosmetics eye products and her classic lip kit in Leo.

While not all of the products in the Birthday Collection are sold out yet, that didn't stop Jenner from breaking a new record. According to a post to her Snapchat, today's restock broke the record for most checkouts in a minute. Basically, everyone wanted some Kylie Cosmetics.

So what's next for the Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection? As of now, there's been no word on a potential restock from Jenner. However, she has said that the products will be available until August 10.

That means that your product may just have a chance to come back one more time. So what's still available to get your hands on? The Kylie gloss in Poppin, the metal matte in Lord, and the Kylie Cosmetics makeup bag are all still up for grabs.

So, if you were wondering if the Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection is sold out, the answer is not quite yet, but it's sure to go soon. Hop on over the Kylie Cosmetics to snag up those last few products and cross your fingers for a restock.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram