This 'PLL' Theory Is The Eeriest Of Them All

By Kaitlin Reilly

Just when the Liars thought they were out, Rosewood pulls them back in for one seriously twisted murder mystery. After finally discovering Big A's identity, the Liars return to Rosewood to play another A game — this time, one that seemingly ties back to Charlotte's murder. The deadliest A yet seemingly wants to avenge Charlotte's death, and until that person gets the answer they're looking for, it doesn't seem like they'll ever stop looking for the truth. But, is that really what Uber A is after, or could it be an act to keep the Liars in the dark about their real motives?! There's a real chance that Charlotte's killer and Uber A are actually the same person, and these clues make this twisted theory seem plausible.

It seemed to make sense that there were two villains out for blood in Season 6B, when Charlotte was first killed. Uber A was sending hateful emoji texts to the girls shortly after Charlotte's murder, threatening them to spill about who really killed Charlotte. Except the problem here is, that the Liars had no idea who really killed Charlotte — so why would Uber A be pushing so much? When the Liars finally set up a plan to give Uber A the killer, Uber A immediately kidnaps Hanna, which seemed to be the real plan all along. But, I'm thinking it might not be the only one: Uber A's plan might have very little to do with avenging Charlotte and all to do with making the Liars — especially Alison — suffer as much as possible.

Think about what happens after Uber A kidnaps Hanna. The Liars know that they have to give Uber A the real killer in order to get Hanna back, and they decide that Alison is the most likely culprit. How do they decide that? By, well, voting (LOL) and then by finding Alison's red jacket in her room. They plant the jacket at the Lost Woods Resort, and shortly afterwards, Dr. Rollins gets the message that Alison killed Charlotte and begins torturing her. It seems like Uber A is getting revenge on Alison because she killed Charlotte, but later we find out that Uber A never thought that Alison killed Charlotte. In fact, according to Alison, Uber A planted that red coat in her room in order to make it look like she was Charlotte's killer. Why would Uber A do that if they wanted to learn the truth?

There might be a simple explanation, and that is the theory that Uber A is the one who killed Charlotte so that they could set a plan in motion that would lead to the torture of the Liars, aka the people they really wanted to punish. Here's how it could have played out: Uber A knew that they could make the Liars look very guilty for Charlotte's death, and that threatening them would keep them in Rosewood. Uber A also knew that Dr. Rollins and Mary loved Charlotte, and that they could manipulate them into searching for the killer, and torturing anyone who seemed like they would have motive to kill Charlotte — aka, the Liars.

Killing Charlotte might not have been personal at all — just another way to get back at the Liars for something entirely different that they really did to Uber A. It's a disturbing theory (and would definitely make Uber A super, super evil) but given that the game has definitely changed up this season, I'm not putting it past the new villain to have a very unique agenda.

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