The Who What Wear x Target Collab Is So Affordable

by Eliza Florendo

Few things excite me more than a good collaboration, and the Who What Wear x Target fall collection makes it to the top of my list. While an announcement came out about this collaboration last year, it's finally made it here! Meaning I'll be perusing the Target website all day and taking my booty to the closest Target and filling my cart up. Trust me, this collaboration is a good one.

Target knows whats up when it comes to collaborations, partnering up with TOMS, Marikkemo, and Lilly Pulitzer. And everytime a Target collaboration pops up, I spend even more money at the store. It's a magical place that has clothes, furniture, groceries, and electronics. I mean, is there any place like it? Where else can you buy an array of makeup brushes, art brushes, and hair brushes? Target.

The best part of this collaboration is that the pieces range from size 2 to 26. Meaning that if you love a look, chances are, there's a size for you. Brb, doing a happy dance.

As if that wasn't incredible enough — the whole collection is under $50. Yes, $50! I really wasn't ready for this. But at least my wallet is prepared! This collection has everything. And I mean everything. From accessories, to denim, to jacket, I pretty much want every single thing in this collaboration.

Be prepared to feel the same.

1. The Croc Bag

Women's Mini Croc Top Handle Bag, $29.99,

Looks so expensive, but rings in as affordable!

2. The Trench

Women's Drapey Trench, $49.99,

Obsessed with the subtle print.

3. The Ruffle Blouse

Women's Plus Size Ruffle Blouse, $27.99,

Looks perfect layered with this jacket.

4. The Tunic

Women's Metallic Tunic, $22.99,

Metallics are the new neutrals for fall.

5. The Vest

Women's Sleeveless Rib Cardigan, $22.99,

Looks killer with a short sleeve and long sleeves.

6. The Bomber Jacket

Women's Bomber Jacket, $34.99,

This color is everything.

7. The Lace Tank Dress

Women's Lace Trim Tank Dress, $29.99,

Love how this can be layered.

8. The Pencil Skirt

Women's Pencil Skirt, $27.99,

Checkered never fails.

9. The Tie Neck Dress

Women's Tie Neck Dress, $29.99,

How comfy does this look?

10. The Pleated Skirt

Women's Plus Size Pleated Skirt, $29.99,

Love how this is styled with a tee.

11. The Cape Jacket

Women's Cape Blazer, $39.99,

This is so chic, I can't even.

As if I needed another reason to step into target. Thank you, Who What Wear, for snatching my entire paycheck up! This fall, this is the only collection you're going to want to peep.

Images: Target