11 2016 Makeup Trends For Back To School

School may teach you the human anatomy and timeline of every world war, but what about the art of drawing the perfect cat eye? Or the 101 on caring for a Beauty Blender? Time to whisk out those mascara wands — class is back in session, and this time, the subject is on 2016 back-to-school makeup trends.

I didn't start wearing makeup until freshman year of high school, but back then the formula was simple — a dash of concealer, minimal coats of mascara. Keep in mind this was before the dawn of heavily contoured jawlines and Kylie Jenner-status pouts. I mean, if you had asked fifteen-year-old me what the difference between strobing and highlighting is, I would have been completely useless.

With the first day of school just around the corner for many, you might want to update your makeup routine. There's no better time anyway — new year, new aesthetic, after all. But here's the kick: don't settle for the ordinary. Red lips and rosy cheeks are a tried and true combo, but what about something less "comfort zone" and something more of the trending variety? Test your MUA hand and tackle these makeup trends perfect for the back-to-school season.

1. Champagne Eye Shadow

A daytime-appropriate smokey eye? Count me in. If you love playing with eye shadows, consider re-creating this subtle yet striking look featuring rich champagne hues.

2. Strobing

Hop on the highlighting bandwagon and learn how to illuminate like a goddess. The level of intensity is up to you — go standard with the cheekbone highlight, or go the extra mile with the cupid's bow and nose bridge.

3. Clumpy Lashes

First worn by '60s bombshells (think Twiggy and the like) clumpy lashes are now making a comeback on the modern day catwalk. Get ready to dazzle classmates (and maybe a crush or two) with this sexy flutter.

4. Metallic Smokey Eye

School dances and prom require a different form of TLC. Instead of going neutral and natural, formal makeup gives you the freedom to OD on the sparkle, glitz, and falsies.

5. Pops Of Blue

I'm particularly loving this makeup trend, as I consider blue to be my color. Luckily, incorporating hints of blue to your makeup routine is incredibly versatile and can come in all forms — eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara.

6. Double Wing Eyeliner

At this rate, most makeup lovers have probably aced winged eyeliner — but that's just a solo wing. Be the first of your circle to execute the double winged look — it's an edgy twist to an otherwise classic.

7. Vampy Lips

I, for one, completely stand by vampy lips for school. Why settle on clear gloss and lip balm when you can take it up a notch and paint the smooch of your dreams?

8. Nude Lips

On the contrast, those who prefer to dwell on the more "traditional" side of beauty can rock nude lips instead. It's understated glamour, and there's bound to be a nude shade fit for every skin tone.

9. White Inner Eye Corners

School also translates to a basically zero chance of getting proper beauty rest every night. To combat against tired eyes and the zombie look, use a white eye pencil to add instant brightness. Faking those zzz's has never looked better.

10. Dewy Skin

Pretending you came straight from a luxury spa instead of math class just got easier. Here, take in the ultimate secrets to glowing, dewy skin.

11. No Makeup Makeup

Because we all have those missed alarms and Monday morning classes, right? When in a time crunch, it's best you go au natural. You get the best of both worlds: a fresh, radiant face and no tardy note.

Image: DaceyHapa/YouTube