Chrissy Sends Kim Flowers After Her Phone Dies

This week was a tough one for Kim Kardashian, who wept openly via Kimoji over the loss of her 2011 Blackberry Bold, an outdated phone that probably no one besides Kardashian still uses. The reality star took to Twitter to publicly mourn the devastating death of her Blackberry, explaining that while she has an iPhone, she needs two phones so she'll always have service — and clearly, for her, that BB is where it's at. Always one for a little tongue-in-cheek humor, Chrissy Teigen legit sent Kardashian flowers and a heartfelt note to help her friend deal with her emotions, as Kardashian revealed on Snapchat Thursday.

"You guys. How thoughtful is Chrissy? She sent me this floral arrangement. She just gets me," Kardashian narrated the Snap story, panning the camera over the truly stunning bouquet of maroon-colored flowers.

"I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how much you loved your BB," the note reads. "You were both very lucky to have each other and will always have the memories. xoxo, Chrissy."

While Teigen's sense of humor is always A+, this is such a ~rich person~ series of events that it makes it even funnier. Clearly, both Kardashian and Teigen are poking fun at the KUWTK star's Blackberry obsession (and I get it, we've all been there) but the fact that Teigen has the means to send the floral arrangement in the first place is just proof that celebrities live their lives (and their jokes) on an entirely different plane than the rest of us do.

Yeah, Teigen could've called up 1-800-Flowers or stopped by the local supermarket or something, but this elaborate bouquet was clearly the work of some Beverly Hills florist, and it definitely takes the joke to the next level. Maybe a normal person would've thought that sending flowers and a condolence card would be funny, but then realized their money was probably better spent on groceries or Starbucks or a shirt or something. But for those who don't have to worry about dropping a few bills here and there, why not translate your sense of humor into a purposely over-the-top floral arrangement? It'll certainly get a few chuckles out of Kim Kardashian, anyway.

Lifestyles of the rich and famous, am I right?