10 Things You Might Think On Your Wedding Night

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Getting married usually means entering into a legally binding contract with someone you're pretty much obsessed with — in the best way possible. It usually also means having a ceremony and celebration of some kind, followed by a wedding night. In a new BuzzFeed video, wedding night confessions are gathered from anonymous posts on Whisper, and just like a couple's first wedding night, they range from sexy to silly to kinda sad.

As someone who has experienced the hallowed wedding night, I can attest there is so much going on before you're alone in that bed that sex is not the only thing on your mind. Unless you're a virgin, it's not the first time you'll be seeing each other naked, so there's less of a big old fashioned reveal. On the other hand, some folks are uber turned on by commitment, so it can get pretty heated.

Whatever happens, your first evening together as a married couple is significant. People get up to some wildly different stuff after the vows have been said, the papers signed, and the cake (partially) eaten.

These are 10 thoughts you might have on your wedding night:

1. This Is The Best Night Of My Life — Just Like A Fairy Tale!

You may as well be in a fairy tale, because your wedding night is just that perfect — all the way down to the animated bluebirds who sing when you climax in unison.

2. This Feels Like Any Other Night Of My Life

It wasn't perfect, it wasn't terrible, it just...was. No shame in the mundane!

3. Marriage Is...Weird

When you think about it, paying money to the government so you can sign papers to share health insurance and/or a last name is pretty odd.

4. I Think I'm Having A Panic Attack

What did you get yourself into!?!?!?

5. Leftover Cake Fight!

The couple who works hard, plays hard. And getting married can be a hella ton of work.

6. Can We Just Lie Here And Cuddle?

There's plenty of time for sex. Curling up and passing out is kinda nice after hours of forced family time.

7. :::Snore:::

Wedding. So. Tiring. Must. Sleep.

8. Marital Sex Isn't Just On Another Level, It's On Another Dimension

Psh. And people said marital sex was boring. (Cue hour long tantric orgasm.)

9. How Could They Pass Out Before We Had Sex?!

One person is always more tired than the other. Them's the breaks.

10. I Still Can't Believe This Is Real!

Post-wedding glow should be bottled and sold. You deserve to get drunk on that sweet, sweet feeling.

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