13 Things That Happen When You Get A Dramatic Cut

Few things can arguably prepare us for the aftermath of getting a dramatic haircut. Oftentimes, you book your appointment, sit pretty in the salon, and walk out with a brand new mane, totally unaware of everything you'll have to adjust to. Most folks who have taken the plunge will likely agree with me when I say that a dramatic haircut takes some getting used to.

I recently got a haircut for the first time in seven years. Although I'd been to the salon a few times for basic trims, I became so attached to the long, flowing hair atop my head that I dreaded the idea of changing it. But a few weeks back, I grew bored with my mane, and flustered by how much time it required. I proceeded to impulsively book a salon appointment, chop off half of my locks, and realize afterwards that I had a whole lot of adjusting to do.

So in an attempt to relate to those of you who know the feeling all to well — and to better prepare anyone who may be thinking about a major chop — here are 13 things that might happen when you get a dramatic haircut. If you thought you could get away with such a big change to little emotional consequence, think again.

1. You Can't Stop Touching It

You know that I-just-got-my-hair-cut-and-now-my-mane-feels-silky-healthy-and-amazing feeling you experience right when you get out of the salon? It's special, and it happens only in that moment. When it does, touching your hair is likely irresistible. Not only do your strands feel amazing, but they also feel very, very different.

So go ahead and stroke that mane.

2. You'll Feel Some Regret

Hold up. Is this actually what I look like now? Did I really just chop off my hair?

No matter how much I love a haircut, I think a part of me will always regret it. It's just part of making a big change. Personally, my hair is my security blanket so I usually find myself regretting my drastic choices while watching the stylist make that first snip.

3. And Then Some Major Love

With some time, adjustment, and sensible contemplation, you'll soon realize you actually like your new cut. Sure, it's a dramatic change. And yes, it's definitely different from what you're used to. But it's what brought you to the salon in the first place.

I guess the saying, "New hair, new you," really does have some truth to it.

4. You'll Take A Million Selfies

... and then post the best one on Instagram. You label it "new hair, new me," obviously. Oh, and don't forget the haircut emoji. Because did you really get a haircut if you didn't post it on social media? Nope, didn't think so.

5. You'll Get Phantom Hair

By phantom hair, I mean that you'll genuinely think you feel the hair you were so used to having. You'll reach for it, only to re-discover that it's gone. Admittedly, I've had a few phantom hair freak-outs since chopping my mane.

6. You'll Freak Out The First Time You Wash It

If you somehow manage to avoid the phantom hair situation, it's likely that you'll freak out when you wash your strands for the first time after a dramatic cut. Apparently, we become so used to our hair feeling a certain way that when we smooth shampoo through our new locks, it's enough to yield some serious anxiety.

7. Your Shower Only Takes A Fraction Of The Time It Used To

After that brief anxiety attack in the shower, you'll soon be relieved because washing up takes significantly less time than it did before. Prior to the cut, you were spending precious minutes (read: hours) thoroughly washing your long, thick mane. Now, your shorter locks are quick and easy to maintain.

Oh, and you have so much more time to actually enjoy your shower.

8. You'll Buy New Hair Products

Let's be real here: Any excuse to go shopping is usually a good one. So why wouldn't you take advantage of your new 'do to update your hair care products? Be prepared to splurge on mousses, creams, and gels that will work perfectly with your new crop.

9. And New Hair Accessories

The same goes for hair accessories. That embellished headband may not have been the greatest look with your old hair. But with your new cut? It is the perfect embellishment.

10. You'll Try New Hairstyles

Arguably the best part of a new haircut is trying new styles. Styling your new hair will require some getting used to, of course, since you probably won't be able to rock every style you did pre-cut (long braids are out for me). But that's also a good reason to research new aesthetics, experiment with new looks, and step out of your comfort zone (mini buns are totally in right now).

11. You'll Have To Explain Why You Did It 647 Times

After a few weeks with a new cut, the one reaction that still never fails to baffle me is the confused, "Why did you cut your hair?" I always want to reply by asking, "Am I not allowed to cut my own hair? Am I not allowed to make my own decisions?" But instead, I tell people that I needed a change.

12. You'll Get Lots Of Compliments

On the upside of things, you'll probably get a lot of compliments. IMO, it's always nice to hear a family member, friend, or co-worker genuinely say something nice about you. And when they notice you have done something to change your appearance, like get a dramatic haircut, their kind and friendly words are even better.

13. You'll Have A Renewed Sense Of Confidence

Just like a good outfit or a flawless pair of shoes, a new 'do can seriously instill a renewed sense of confidence within you. Since you can't generally change your hair as often as you do your outfit (unless you're Kylie Jenner, of course), it's usually a long-lasting boost of self-love that might help you overcome any lingering self-doubt.

Eventually, you'll likely get used to washing your shorter crop and styling it the way you like. But if you don't? Well, at least hair grows back.

Images: Melodi Erdogan