Gabby Douglas Is Living Her Best Life

Just admit it. You're a wee bit overly curious like me and wonder not only about the Olympians' family life, but their dating lives as well. After all, they're celebrities in their own right, and so we want to know all about the athletes that captivate us for a few weeks every couple of years. Some Olympic athletes are open about their relationships, especially when they're with other Olympians, but others are quite low key about their romantic lives, which leaves fans wondering. Case in point, is there anyone lucky enough to be dating Gabby Douglas, U.S. gymnast extraordinaire?

It seems that Douglas is very much single. As the Washington Post relayed in May, Douglas has out and out said on her reality show, Douglas Family Gold, that she's not seeing anyone seriously. "I’m in a relationship! His name is Jim. . . Nastics!" Douglas has said on the show, to which I say, bravo, for such a quick-witted pun.

I could totally see why dating isn't a priority for Douglas, what with all that time spent training at the gym and readying for her time in Rio. As her Instagram and Twitter show, the athlete's time is dedicated to her sport, her family, and her friends. Check out some shots of Douglas that show she's living her best, single life.

Taking In The Olympic "#Views"

Not too shabby.

Spending Time With Mini Gabby

#SquadGoals for sure.

Hitting Up Amusement Parks

And looking fierce while doing so.

Getting In Quality Mother-Daughter Time

This is the cutest.

Hanging With Her Fellow Gymnast Gals

Probably discussing how freakin' talented they both are.

Showing Her Fellow Olympians Who's Boss

Regardless of height.

Napping, My Personal Favorite Pastime

Good to see that she does, in fact, sleep. Sometimes.

Chilling With Some Pups

That face!

Douglas and "Jim-nastics" seem to be perfectly compatible.